River Cats Drop Bees

first_imgApril 19, 2018 /Sports News – Local River Cats Drop Bees Written by Tags: Baseball/PCL/Salt Lake Bees FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmail(Salt Lake City, UT)  —  The Bees allowed five runs over the sixth and seventh innings in a 5-3 loss to the River Cats at Smith’s Ballpark.Ivan Pineyro tossed four innings of three-run ball in relief to take the loss.  Jabari Blash plated two runs in defeat. Robert Lovelllast_img

Calls for more uniform course change rules

first_img“They won’t know, for instance, how well resourced a certain subject is within a certain college, and this could cause further problems for the student and the college. Bulfin, OUSU VP, told Cherwell that procedural differences between colleges regarding subject change are a “significant challenge facing the University.” Cherwell’s investigation can reveal that PPE is also among the most popular course to which to switch upon arrival, with students often changing from similar, yet less competitive courses such as Maths and Philosophy or Physics and Philosophy. Cherwell’s findings have led to concerns that some students may be applying for less competitive courses in order to secure a place at Oxford, then changing on to more competitive courses upon arrival. Bulfin continued, “It is another good reason for leaving the final decision on switching courses with the colleges rather than handling it centrally.” OUSU VP for Access and Academic Affairs Alex Bulfin said, “It is impossible to say to what extent this is a widespread phenomenon; most colleges are very careful in their handling of requests to switch course and as such I think a lot of ‘tactical switching’ would be filtered out if it is being attempted.” Isabella Anderson, from St Anne’s, successfully changed from Maths to PPE. She said, “Everyone at St Anne’s was really supportive throughout the whole process – and the focus was very much on what would be best for me. He said the process caused him a lot of stress, and he claimed that this precipitated a series of panic attacks. He continued, “Eventually, I was told I would be given an interview for French and Philosophy during the normal interview period. According to the University’s own statistics, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is one of the most competitive courses to get on to, attracting the most applicants out of all other undergraduate subjects over the past five years, and having a consistently low success rate, relative to other subjects. Results obtained by Cherwell through a Freedom of Information request reveal some interesting trends. Over the past five years, the vast majority of subject changes have occurred within the humanities, while far fewer course changes have taken place within undergraduate science courses. Students are far less likely to change from a science to an art, and only a handful of students across the University request to change from a humanity to a science based subject. However, not all students have such an easy ride. One second year at St Hugh’s claimed that his application to change subject was so stressful that it caused him to have panic attacks. “I think a better question to ask is can separate college procedures be brought more closely in line with a common framework or model of best practice, or better still have one set of procedures adopted by all the colleges, so that all students go through similar processes but colleges are still able to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.” St Anne’s is one of many colleges to stress an “exceptional circumstances” rule for changing subjects.center_img “I was told I would need to keep going with Arabic until prelims and that even then, changing courses would still depend on my results. It felt like the institution was against me.” Originally accepted at Oxford to study French and Arabic, he said, “I was one of the few students in my year group who arrived at Oxford with no prior knowledge of Arabic, so felt very highly pressured once I got here. “Changing course took a really long time; the college wanted to make sure that I wasn’t trying to get onto an easier course. They said I should keep going with Arabic as that was what I had been accepted to the college to study. There is no centralised University system for course change requests, meaning that each college adheres to its own procedural guidelines. “Early in Hilary Term, I was told I would be accepted onto that course, and after that the college were really helpful. I took the rest of the year out, and returned to Oxford as a fresher the following October.” The college rules state that “In exceptional circumstances, a student may be permitted to change subject; in this case permission must be obtained from Tutorial Fellows in both the releasing and accepting School, and funding for the new course confirmed.” Michael Haggar, a current second year from Wadham, successfully changed to PPE from Physics and Philosophy. He told Cherwell, “Wadham seems to be quite lenient about everything. My senior tutor was really nice about it, she said I should wait till the end of first year to change. I already knew the Philosophy tutor at Wadham from my course, and over the summer just after first year, I contacted the Wadham Politics and Economics tutors directly, to ask them about the change. “They like to see anyone passionate about their subject, and I was luckily in that the Politics tutor and I had a good rapport. The whole process was fine, I did not even have to repeat the first year, but picked up the PPE course from second year which I was really happy about. I didn’t have to go to any meetings at all. But I think it depends on the college, and also on the tutors involved.” A spokesperson from the University Press Office confirmed that there was no centralised University policy on changing subjects. He said, “Obviously changes of course are handled on a case-by-case basis by colleges, and different students will have different circumstances, as different colleges may have different procedures. However, each college deals with each case separately, so from a central perspective there’s not really anything we can say.” A Cherwell investigation has found that huge procedural discrepancies exist between colleges for students wishing to change subjects during the course of their degree.The varying treatment received by students from college to college can lead to the difference between students being permitted to change course and remain at Oxford, or alternatively, dropping out of Oxford altogether, as a result of not being able to change subjects. Bulfin defended the college based approach, saying, “I’m not sure that a centralised procedure for this would be appropriate. Ultimately colleges and college tutors are the admitting body for undergraduates and it is only fair that they have a say in whether or not a student switches courses. So much of the undergraduate experience of teaching is college-based and I think it would be difficult for a department or faculty to make these decisions. “The process of trying to switch subject formally started after I sat my prelims so the only requirement was that there would be a space on the course after the A level results were released. I had to go through an application process as if I were applying from outside – submitting a personal statement and being interviewed.”last_img read more

Bloody scary

first_imgI always prefer to top my cakes with fresh fruit, nuts and ingredients that work with the overall flavour of the recipe. It seems a shame to put so much work into getting a cake right and only to dust it all over with sugar-shock sprinkles or ultra-sweet fondant, unless I’m making a sculpture or the job absolutely demands it. You can usually come up with ways of using ingredients that work well with the flavours of the cake to decorate cupcakes.I was recently commissioned to design some cakes for designer Maaike Meeking’s show at Fashion Week the theme of which was the horror film Susperia, directed by Dario Argento. The show also included a video clip of me in a long white dress in the dead of night, being drenched in fake blood, but that’s another story!I put together some gore-splattered, cream cheese-frosted red velvet cupcakes, using sweet pulped black cherries with lime for the blood & gore, dotted in places with redcurrants. The sweet cherries and ultra-sharp redcurrants worked perfectly with the cocoa buttermilk red velvet and vanilla cream cheese frosting.Try this easy, quick and affordable way of making a Halloween cake display that’s both striking and delicious. Laid out altogether at the show on cake stands, lined with black lace, it looked like a blood bath! I made these to look like the cakes had Dracula-style incisions but they looked just as good splattered haphazardly with the pulp and cherry juice.London-based cake specialist Lily Jones bakes under the pseudonym Lily Vanilli. Find out more at: www.lilyvanilli.comlast_img read more

Start-ups: Thinking outside the cake-box

first_imgBy Mellissa Morgan, aka Ms Cupcake.When preparing our shop for opening only a few months ago, I didn’t want to commit to anything. When I was asked what our menu was going to be, I told people it would rotate. When asked what our opening days and times would be, I said they would fluctuate. Some people may have thought this indecision was based on uncertainty but no. I knew exactly what I wanted to have and do with my shop, but unfortunately I didn’t yet know what my customers wanted to have in my shop.Sure I could have baked exactly what I wanted and spent thousands of pounds stocking the shop with things I would have liked to have bought, but what good would that do? Instead, I had to try to figure out what my customers would like to have in their neighbourhood cake shop.I’ve created well over 100 different cupcake flavours over the last year while running my market stalls and one thing I’ve learned is you can never predict which ones will be popular. Sure, I can make an educated guess, but flavours I thought would be huge sellers Banana-Choc, Orange Cream, Pistachio and Rose Water, Chocolate-Ginger, Pear and Cardamom just simply didn’t get bought and have all now been retired to the flavour graveyard (or the back of my recipe box).That said, you do need to trust your instincts. If you only listen to your customers and ignore your own culinary integrity and vision, you will end up diluting your product into something very generic. Do what you do and do it well, but be willing to make small compromises to suit customer tastes.Every day we get loads of emails from customers who tell us how much they love our cakes. With every email I feel humbled, thankful and confident we are doing something right. Also, almost every single day I get one email from a customer who says “Your cupcakes would be better if you put less icing on them”. But I also get another email almost every day from a customer who says, “Your cupcakes would be better if you put more icing on them”. You cannot please everyone all of the time, so sometimes you have to graciously accept criticism and then put it aside.It has been almost three months since our shop opened and, because I have listened to the needs of our customers, we are growing organically into the shop they’d been looking for. Three months ago, I never thought we would be stocking cake boards, boxes, sugar-paste tools, nozzles, piping bags and so on but we are! Now, instead of walking out the door with just a box of our cakes, customers are leaving with a bag full of other purchases as well. It’s a win-win situation, as these were things our customers were struggling to find in their local area and it also helps us as a company to grow. Diversify while still keeping true to your mission statement and you’ll be on to a winner.So, don’t be afraid to think outside the ’cake’ box selling other items, running classes, hosting special events. Figure out what you can do to give your business the edge. And allow your customers to help your business develop.last_img read more

String Cheese Incident Release Pro-Shot Video Of Red Rocks “Birdland Jam Sandwich”

first_imgLast month, the String Cheese Incident dazzled Red Rocks Amphitheater with a three-night run, with the band throwing down some of their most well-received shows over the past few years. The quintessential Red Rocks hometown throwdown concluded a seven-night Colorado run. The Barefoot Boys got things started off with two-nights at Telluride’s The Ride Festival before moving to two-midweek shows at the newly renovated and re-opened Dillon Amphitheater, in Dillion, Colorado, finally concluding with three creative masterpieces at Red Rocks.Perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend went down first set Saturday night, as the String Cheese Incident ripped through a massive sandwich of Weather Report’s “Birdland”. Starting off with the main theme of the 70’s jazz hit, the band smoothly transitioned into Pink Floyd’s “Fearless”, with drummer Michael Travis taking a rare lead on vocals. Travis’ tone and pitch were perfect for the Floyd cover, accompanied by smooth surrounding harmonies. Propelled by a scorching mandolin solo, Michael Kang led the band back into “Birdland”, giving keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth a chance to initiate a funky groove with his synth. Moving forward, the band picked up the pace, as Kang switched over to fiddle and coasted into aggressive bluegrass territory. Continuing on, String Cheese segued into “Freight Train Boogie”, the classic Doc Watson tune, with more impressive fiddle work by Kang. On the drop of a dime, Bill Nershi yelled out, “Wheel Hoss”, with Kang kicking the tempo up and torching Red Rocks, finally steering the ship back into the main theme of “Birdland”.Today, the String Cheese Incident has shared pro-shot video of their “Birdland”> “Fearless”> “Birdland”> “Freight Train Boogie”> “Wheel Hoss”> “Birdland” fiasco for everyone to relive in all its glory. Check it out below:String Cheese Incident-“The Birdland Jam Sandwich” [Pro-Shot][Video: The String Cheese Incident]Setlist: The String Cheese Incident | Red Rocks | Morrison, CO | 7/21/18Set One: Miss Brown’s Teahouse, Betray The Dark, Birdland > Fearless > Freight Train Boogie > Wheel Hoss > Birdland, Big Shoes, RosieSet Two: The Other Side [1], The Big Reveal, Joyful Sound > Rumble, Love Is Like A Train > Nothing But Flowers, Desert Dawn > Impressions > Desert DawnEncore: Kashmir [2]Notes: 1 with Ruby Chase, 2 with Ruby Chase and The Main SqueezeFor an upcoming list of the String Cheese Incident’s tour dates and ticketing information, head to their website.last_img read more

Technological Transformation: The Magic Is Back

first_imgThe following is a guest post from Mark Schaefer, author of “The Content Code” and “Known,” and co-host of Dell Technologies’ newest podcast, Luminaries – Talking to the brightest minds in tech. Throughout Dell EMC World he had in-depth conversations with technology leaders across the Dell Technologies family of businesses, including Dell, Dell EMC, VMware and Pivotal.Do you remember when technology was magic?I recall that feeling I had when I plugged my first laptop computer into the kitchen phone jack and entered the internet through that dial-up connection.Back then, there wasn’t a whole lot to do on the web. I didn’t even know where to start, but a friend advised to me to try looking for NASA online. Apparently, they had photos of galaxies or something on their website. So I clicked on some mysterious looking file numbers and sure enough, over a period of about 10 minutes a photo of a galaxy began to download on my computer screen.I yelled out to my wife and kids to come observe this miracle — a galaxy coming through the phone line!It was magic. Pure magic.Since then, technology has become ubiquitous and something we take for granted — the invisible hand that enables our daily connections, discoveries, and commerce. And that’s a good thing. The most useful technology shouldn’t get in the way. It connects and serves us in a seamless, quiet manner.But the awe and mystery of your first online experience might just be coming back.I was fortunate enough to attend Dell EMC World recently, and the word that kept coming into my head was “magic.” The emerging capabilities on display at the event were so cool, so mystifying, so jaw-dropping, that for the first time in a long time, I found myself saying “wow” like I did those years ago when I downloaded my first galaxy.If you love to dream about what tech could be like at its most fun, you’re probably a fan of the movie Minority Report, especially the scene where Tom Cruise is pushing and pulling data around through the air.Turns out, this is within reach … literally and figuratively.Dell showed a promotional video that featured Nike designers donning Metavision Meta 2 glasses, grabbing thin air and manipulating a conceptual shoe projected onto the space in front of them like holograms. And then those holographic shoes … ran, jumped and walked through all types of environments in a virtual testing lab. Magic!Mixed reality is also coming to less glamorous places like the industrial workplace where safety helmets are fitted with comfortable shields displaying a digital overlay to their normal work environment. This helps workers complete assembly and maintenance tasks more safely, efficiently, and error-free with the help of real-time heads-up displays. Research shows that there could be enormous cost-saving potential from this technology.Immersive reality is also about to transform our home lives in magical ways. In a “guru session” at the Dell EMC event, Unreal Engine creator Tim Sweeney showed how the rapid improvement in displays, sensors, graphics, and digital human technology will enable an Augmented Reality metaverse revolutionizing human social interaction. Sweeney demonstrated the next wave of breath-taking virtual worlds that will forever change the way we work, collaborate, discover, and entertain ourselves. He forecast that virtual reality will be the next billion-user platform … and it’s easy to adopt that vision.These magical developments are coming at us fast, but it all depends on massive and reliable computing power, storage, and cybersecurity. At Dell EMC World, the company announced massive product refreshes for virtually its entire line of products, including a new 14th-generation PowerEdge server, new data protection tools, more powerful computers, and updates to its entire storage lineup.The show impressed upon me that Dell EMC is staying ahead of the game by becoming an expansive, end-to-end, and fully-unified technology company. Cloud, security, laptops, tablets, software, storage … there’s no piece of the digital transformation that isn’t available through the formidable Dell Technologies family of companies.Yes, haptic design, immersive new virtual reality worlds, and a collaborative metaverse may seem like magic, but it’s all dependent on the power, the storage, and the security provided by Dell Technologies.Mark Schaefer is a business consultant, university educator, and author of six books including “KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age.” He is a co-host of Luminaries, a Dell Technologies podcast exploring digital transformation. Dell EMC compensated him for his expenses at Dell EMC World.last_img read more

Skelos Corruption Trial: Exec Said He Had No Choice in Doubling Adam Skelos’ Pay

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An environmental company executive said he had no choice but to more than double the $4,000 a month he was paying a consultant whose father is New York State Sen. Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre).AbTech Industries, an Arizona-based environmental technology company, needed to meet the $10,000 a month demands from the senator’s son, Adam Skelos, or risk losing its biggest contract, a $12-million deal to install smart sponge filters in Nassau County storm water drainage pipes, according to the executive.“I did not believe we had any choice,” Glenn Rink, chief executive officer of AbTech, testified Tuesday during the senator and son’s corruption trial at Manhattan federal court. “The last thing I wanted to do is alienate…the senator.”AbTech is one of three companies that the former state Senate Majority Leader allegedly coerced to get $300,000 in bribes in the form of no-show jobs that his son, Adam, was unqualified for in exchange for illegally manipulating legislation. Both Skeloses deny the accusations.Rink said he was especially concerned about appeasing both men since AbTech needed the senator’s help in getting state legislative approval to complete the Nassau contract. That’s because under state law, government projects need to be designed by one company and constructed by another, but Nassau’s deal with AbTech called for what’s known as a design-build contract allowing the company to do both.But after delays in getting Nassau to pay for the work it had done in preparing to install the filters and Adam’s failure to secure contracts with additional municipalities, the company considered cutting his pay, but it was reluctant because it still needed the design-build legislation approved by the senator.“There was always the concern that if we altered his compensation,” then AbTech projects in the pipeline “could be in harm’s way,” Rink testified.The concern came after Rink got an email from Charles Durego, general counsel and senior vice president at developer Glenwood Management Corp., which is owned by billionaire Leonard Litwin, whose family invested in AbTech. Durego previously testified at the Skelos trial that he had gotten Adam a job at AbTech in order to appease the senator as well as respond to Glenwood’s desire to avoid doing business directly with the son of the senator whom they lobbied and relied upon in legislative negotiations.“He’s hesitant…to do it with the engineers making more money than him,” Durego said in an email to Rink on April 10, 2013, in which Durego relayed Adam’s request for a raise right before the Nassau contract was about to begin the county’s approval process. “If he doesn’t get like a 4 percent commission, I think they don’t think it’s worth pushing through.”Rink characterized the email as “game changing.” Other AbTech officials who also received the email balked.“I can’t believe he’s going to try to hold us hostage to renegotiate the contract,” replied Bjornulf White, an AbTech official, in an email to Rink that was shown in court. “The engineers are getting paid for labor hours to do real work. (I think around ~5500 manhours). Unreal.”The case was adjourned for the Thanksgiving weekend and will resume on Monday morning.last_img read more

Investing in member experience, data strategy and authentication

first_imgWrestling with where to invest limited resources for maximum return is a challenge that all leaders face. Digital transformation has upped the ante and raised the bar on how we deliver the member experience, how we make strategic use of data collected and how we deploy offerings that give members a sense of security. These are three key areas to which all credit unions should analyze for investments:Elevating the Member Experience Credit unions are built to serve their members. Many have conducted research and created plans focused on improving the member experience, so now is the time to execute these plans. Although the reality of ensuring an exceptional member experience requires a significant investment of additional time, energy, effort and development, investment in the member experience should be a top priority – and also a realistic one that reaches a credit union’s member experience goals and preferred end state.In order to enhance the member experience across the board, credit unions should invest in the integration of their service offerings and products. More and more, members want and expect seamless experiences and to be able to access all of their information in one place in a similar fashion, regardless of whether they are visiting the branch, logging into a mobile app or placing a call to the contact center. For many, the credit union’s core provider is different from its mobile banking provider, which is different from its card processor and so on. Credit unions must engage multiple partners on the back end to ensure all of this information is readily available in one place. This can be difficult, however, given the majority of partners do not have the same priorities, processing systems or platforms, among other disparities. Investing in collaboration among these partners to provide a seamless, elevated member experience will be key for credit union success as we move forward.Data Strategy To truly harness the power and reap the benefits of data, credit unions must establish strategies focused on addressing how to best gather and utilize data to improve credit union operations and understand member needs and behaviors. These strategies need to focus on more than just the collection and storage of information – they must ensure data gathered is made actionable and understandable in order to put it to good use. It is important to members, as well as expected, that their credit union should know who they are and what they need in their financial journey, even in the digital channel.In particular, credit unions are starting to consider how artificial intelligence (AI) and similar innovations can lead to efficiencies and increased productivity. For example, AI can remove manual, repetitive processes currently conducted by credit union employees that are typically time-consuming and have a high occurrence of user error. With intelligent documentation and responsiveness implemented into a credit union’s systems and programs through AI, contact center representatives and member-facing employees have an opportunity to provide better service and really focus on members’ needs. AI can also drive automation in order to better understand and consolidate data. Authentication for PrivacyIn today’s interconnected world, ensuring a person is who they say they are when they enter the branch, make a phone call or log into their account online is of upmost importance. As fraudsters look for all points of entry into accounts, authentication is key. But while authentication is important for safety, credit unions also need to keep in mind the member experience when solidifying their authentication tactics.Members expect the view of information to be the same, regardless of the channel. They also expect similar authentication processes. But how does a credit union confirm a person is who they say they are in all of these different settings, given branch authentication is different from contact center authentication, which is different from mobile authentication? With member experience as a top priority, investment in deeper authentication processes to ensure seamless experiences across all channels will be imperative across the credit union industry.Credit unions should also introduce continuing education initiatives to their members to explain how and why the traditional means of authentication, like key questions or the last four digits of a social security number, are no longer enough to protect account and personal information. The more members know about changes in security and expectations for their day-to-day account activities and how their credit union is working to keep their information protected, the more seamless the experience will be for both parties.While there are many other areas of focus competing for resources and investments, credit unions should take the necessary steps toward improving their member experience, data strategy and authentication journeys to set themselves up for success. 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Denise Stevens Denise Stevens leads PSCU’s Product Management, New Product Development, Digital Experience, Innovation and Strategic Vendor Alliances teams. Prior to rejoining PSCU in 2015, Denise served as the Executive Vice … Web: www.pscu.com Detailslast_img read more

Confidence in Dems is on the down slide

first_imgI’m having trouble understanding why politicians from both sides of the aisle can’t put aside their hatred for the president and do their job — the job that the American people elected them to do. They are using a group of people a little smaller than the population of Charlotte as a tool to inconvenience the other 320 million citizens of this country. The people of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s socialist party (credit to the five Democrats who can read the handwriting on the wall) will do anything to derail the success of the president. It’s a shame that they care nothing about what is right or wrong, what is good or what is not. They will sell their souls for the party. The economy is on fire, consumer confidence is up, there are 2 million fewer food-stamp recipients, black unemployment is low and trillions of dollars are returning to our country. If this trend continues, the Democratic Party will cease to exist. The last thing that they want is an employed black man increasing the social status of his family. They are the party of minorities as long as the minority must rely on them. As far as the undocumented immigrant situation, almost all are hard-working people who want the best for their families. I work with foreign workers. I’ve met their children and made them smile. They made me smile. If the swamp people can’t get it together soon, we will find their replacements. “Conschumer” confidence is low.Steven McCrumSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%Schenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departmentsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationSchenectady man dies following Cutler Street dirt bike crashSchenectady High School senior class leaders look to salvage sense of normalcy Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more