The example analysis how to do home page keyword ranking

from the above picture can be seen, the station included rarely, only one page, the snapshot for a long time, that was not updated for a long time; the chain is also very little, Links is abnormal, only one station in a link. But look at the ranking is surprisingly good, first love Shanghai keywords search volume is 917, ranking fifth, second word search volume is 161 love Shanghai, love Shanghai ranked second. Included less, snapshot is not normal, the chain, the chain is not normal, why ranking will be so good? I believe that not only have such doubt, everyone is so. Through careful study I found out why good ranking:

domain name is a bit old, this slight advantage than the new.

chain is stable, high correlation;


(Figure two: keyword ranking)

her hair around the chain, the chain of many thousands, or even tens of thousands, but arrived in more than 100 ranks of the chain website, this is why? Because the chain is stable, others high correlation, the chain of the basic content and the theme of the website, and we pursue is, everywhere the major forum for irrigation, this is actually on the website ranking of no use, because irrigation post meaningless love Shanghai even included will not give much weight, another point is that the chain is easy to K; some almost meaningless articles, copying others article and then take this. No rankings are of great help. The above two points as meaningless and non original will lead to the chain of large fluctuations, the ranking is not stable. So we do when the chain also want to spend some time doing the high correlation, although time-consuming but the ranking will be of great help. read more

Parrot is very dangerous! The station optimization methods are not necessarily science major



: the Spring Festival is coming, see the calendar found in less than 10 days around the time of the Spring Festival, we have to say in Shanghai Longfeng people who work much, even to such an important day to ignore, life is really bad! So, back in 2015 at work the little drops, found a lot of things are worth writing out for everyone to share, for example this article today is 15 years to meet the most, so I took time to write about today.

(Network: This study poses you learn not to

actually encounter such problems, I do not know how to answer would be better, not only is the proposal stationmaster "parrot". At the same time, a point in time to the website of Shanghai dragon must understand is the ranking weight high, a good site and has long been famous website, they can do things, we may not be able to do, if you do not mistake to copy, so for your site will be very dangerous. Why? The reason is very simple, because some search engines do not see the way garbage station, but the station of tolerance in large sites or better, age has been overshadowed by the garbage technique. So, you don’t try what they do. I met a very classic "parrot" cheating case, we see below: read more

1 months to optimize the content page website ranked first

was the first to focus on a few key words to optimize the page, this means that our title needs to include these keywords, so the title is very long, such as, the user experience is not good, looks very complicated, for example you operate what types of brilliance, brilliance melon seeds, delicious brilliance the seeds which have sold as long tail keywords, if you put the three words put in the title, some users want to search one of them, but you have so many things including the content, it is difficult to find the most direct answer, may jump directly; there is such a keyword weight may lead to dispersion, not to say this the possibility of relatively low.

Optimization of Of course,

is also good so, since our words are concentrated in one page, the article is rich in content, there are also many customers to understand aspects of things, not just a single problem, can let the user know more things. And unified on a page than they were made into a single page optimization to save a lot of time and energy to manipulate this page, can quickly promote the keywords ranking, but the rankings are generally several keywords to ascend. read more

The clever use of the traditional industry development of Shanghai dragon new way of vulnerability

, a traditional way to 1: Shanghai dragon enterprise site optimization;

two, 2 way: create a personal site to coax cattle;

Objective: in life there is always some small, may find that these phenomena are purely accidental, but often this chance to give people a new way of thinking.

recently the business rush, on the surface can be said to benefit consumers, but the actual price Maoni unknown. Now live, the major electricity supplier giants at this stage is not to make money, with all kinds of discounts to attract consumers, who offers, users will choose who. But despite the current electricity supplier profit is not ideal, but the future of online shopping population will continue to grow exponentially, who can cry to the last laugh, wait and see.

from the site of a few website title and description can be found, ranking the first user experience was much louder than the official station. But from the snapshot date can be seen on the official website, stay in the 11.15 snapshot. The search results to explain the enterprise site do not Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The development of the Internet makes traditional enterprises will attach importance to Internet users, although the line is still the main sales share, if the site is optimized, the user experience is also a kind of improved. The author in view of several brands currently more red (such as Ayilian, Semir, Smith Barney, peacebird), the official station most of the sites are ranked in the forefront, but there are also other sites was the first personal site occupied. At present the enterprise does not necessarily pay attention to Shanghai dragon optimization, but said after the closed. There are still a lot of people through the search engine to find the brand. read more

Rain Shanghai dragon optimization error sharing


1, keyword density errors

has a lot of friends will think that you have already learned about the Dragon School in Shanghai, and even have a friend in the process of learning the Shanghai dragon, he had a great misunderstanding of such operations, even he does not understand. First of all, we must develop a good habit. Is every morning to observe the website with the webmaster tools to check its snapshots, and related domain, YAHOO link and check Links. In fact, Shanghai dragon if and when you love it when every day you are constantly thinking constantly to produce every kind of thinking. So the rain we advocate must love Shanghai Longfeng, otherwise you are learning or doing poorly in how hard. Because once you hate it, you won’t have to think not to pay attention to its ranking. Top down you don’t know why drops is to drop. read more

Shanghai dragon how to do the relevance of the website optimization

website optimization keywords correlation.Optimization and Analysis on the I think the website The correlation between

content is of great importance to the Shanghai dragon, for this I have written before the relevance of the article, today I once again simple to talking with you about how the relationship between station construction. Under the pen.


related website content constructionThe construction site of

shown are the key words about "coffee machine", a large number of relevant keywords can be performed after the layout of the site and keyword optimization in collected.

website first do a keyword, when doing a website keyword analysis before we must first understand the optimization of the theme of the site, in that theme can according to the theme of the site keywords to optimize the expansion. Such as: the optimization on the sale of "coffee machine" in the current site, clear the site is mainly in the sale of coffee machines, we will optimize the expansion through the "coffee machine" of the main keywords, this time I will stand by keyword mining tools, tools, index, long love Shanghai love Shanghai drop the box and relevant search for love in Shanghai. Related keywords as shown below: read more

Shanghai Longfeng revealed the deepest secret optimization

two, Shanghai dragon is the most taboo. Some good Shanghai dragon new strategy occasionally on the network, it will cause a lot of people’s attention, just some time ago rain events will make Shanghai dragon circles, the webmaster wurenbuxiao. Only rely on the more than 400 one-way links can go beyond the Shanghai dragon WHY, beyond the love of Shanghai encyclopedia, individuals still admire this person, this person to use the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is very skilled, for the love of Shanghai is also quite understand the ranking factors. You would think this person is very powerful. But if we follow the operation, will be the same as his website love 10 Fen not only altitude. Now his site in the sea did not affect the love. This event, we should learn to Shanghai based Phoenix > read more

Shanghai Longfeng forum for survival by forum No. 20 light-years off

article "the forum No. 20 close to Shanghai light dragon forum operations." on A5, said the Shanghai Phoenix Forum operation how hard it is, but as the webmaster friends comment (large step), for some of the statements in this article do not agree, then in use. The point of view of the webmaster rebuttal about this article, about the law of the survival of Shanghai dragon forum, hope to get the support of friends.

second, refute "Shanghai dragon forum profit model is not clear"

first, talk about the "Shanghai dragon forum spamming the brunt of

Although the

from this picture, we see that these sites are generally lack of management, but also included a large class of such speed, and then in Shanghai with love for the new page included 24 hours of class has certain additive effect, so have the following reaction; but if Shanghai Longfeng forum is garbage first but, it is difficult to explain the problem, including the prevention effect now, discuz have great plug-in can solve a lot of junk information, at this point, I believe that as Shanghai Longfeng research site and we are very confident out for such a response; read more

Deng Kanhao Shanghai dragon ER using search engines to get outside the chain of eight skills

we can write some original articles for submission to get the chain better, because the weight of the submission site is relatively high, such as A5, a web site, Chinese nets etc. this kind, if we can get through this, and recommended, so the effect will be better, but because through a. There will be a lot of size websites reproduced in the past, so the chain is not very easy to get it, the general site will not put your link removed. Although >

second: use others sites for resource

, I believe many of my friends have to do outside the chain and trouble, do Shanghai dragon ER is a very tiring, I am no exception, now I am in the company every day is doing the same thing every day, one hundred outside the chain, some people will not be too much, I’ll tell you this article one hundred the chain is not what, many of my friends say that one hundred outside the chain where to do? Where there are so many outside chain resources. I think you’re the only to find, to practice, you will find that the one hundred chain is actually not too much, is rarely. If you say you do not have these resources, it is because you do not have to, so don’t have, because some of the chain to share out the Internet now, are thousands of tens of thousands, but I tell you, the chain resources are not many can be used, I also used the Sea chain the resource tool, many forums are not open, I just say here is the forum resources, I’m not saying much sea resources outside the chain of tools that other resources are not available. Do the chain these time I summed up some tips for the chain resources to explore together with you. read more

A5 marketing the recent love Shanghai algorithm, see!

page information facts, TITLE title, Keyword keywords do not seek truth from facts, in order to optimize the flow and deliberately increase, with serious attitude, "wrote the" mentality to take seriously every article, every article published the article, the title is reasonable, whether thought, reflected in the page.

weekly review: the recent search engine of new audit maturity greatly extended, if the weight fluctuation is normal, without worrying too much. For the old site, A5 marketing reminder: by K website, after optimization, even to solve the problem, the search engine ranking period will be extended to cache. Needs a solid effort, can only be the rainbow after the rain! Well, don’t nag, following the discussion we enter.

mass chain era gone for ever, if you are still in the "old consciousness" to judge the search, then will lose in a complete mess; do not hold fluky psychology, use: mass, fat, that is not really real. read more