What aspects of your Shanghai dragon can be seen if appropriate

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to the search engine’s point of view, the overall layout of a web site, chain layout, Meta label, JS code, website source code conforms to the specification. We can analyze a few factors. (1) the website source code is simple and standardized, the website source code if there is too much redundant, will make the site access speed reduction. (2) analysis of your site is a clear structure, good compatibility of various browsers. (3) the site of the internal JS code is set properly, remove unnecessary JS. (4) the pictures of ALT tag is set properly. Reasonable to do a complete analysis of the overall site organization.

many people literally decent may be considered to be appropriate, in fact, the network is well meaning "dirty" (garbage), because sounds like. It is hard to imagine a word in the reality meaning and meaning of network is so polarized. But the appropriateness in today’s article not bad, meant that your site of Shanghai dragon does do appropriate or your site in Shanghai Longfeng waste. Usually we analysis a site of Shanghai Longfeng propriety largely through the website of the PR PR analysis, but now the desirability of more and more low, we have today on what aspects can be seen in Shanghai Longfeng propriety. read more

Do not cold to optimize our website

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in many cases, the website optimization like in love, if there is a cold phenomenon is very likely to have problems. If you love a girl, but you are not in regular contact with her, but from time to time to look for her, even when their boring time will think of her, so basically is to recover the object actually! Website optimization and the pursuit of the object is a reason, if your website is only occasionally want to to get up, do not have the time or the mood is not good to give up, this website basically is not a good result.


therefore, treat the website optimization it is necessary to have a unremittingly heart, can not be indifferent to our website.

Moonlight blog

Lu Songsong


pursuit of object, succeed basically is perseverance and uninterrupted pursuit, small series have at the same time with a person to pursue a girl, when I actually for feeling not so too much, the pursuit of the girl always occasionally send messages, not to any other action. Now sum up chasing this girl when texting times really use a double finger can be counted, so the outcome is I failed, my rival to her pursuit of success. In website optimization, the success of the last reply those unremittingly people, such as the Shanghai dragon industry blog in the well-known blogger Lu Songsong blog, the self Bo has been adhering to update daily original content to the site, now daily traffic is very much, it is one of the most successful person in the the blog, more powerful personal blog is the blog in time than Lou song song long, also persist for many years to update daily original content to the site, now love Shanghai weight basically stable at 6, there is a faint upward trend. Xiaobian have also had a personal blog since the beginning of Shanghai dragon, very interested, updated daily original content, the website included and rankings are up quickly, but after some time, I found this website does not give me the benefit of every day, only a few IP, gradually, I give up this site, when only occasional interest updates on the website, the website now basically no ranking. read more

How to make the site recognized by Shanghai to get love

of course.

four, high quality Links


‘s website to improve the structure of the original high frequency content of the update is not enough, we have the support of the fans, the general foreign leaders, it is often the candidate pull fans around you, gathered popularity peak, a person that you do, is not enough, the thousands on thousands of people, think you are only. Is really good.

how to keep the original content? Remember a word, one thousand readers have one thousand Hamlett, you see, think, the language expression come out, this is the best of the original.

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we take the original connotation of self-cultivation, compared to a person, what people tend to have profound knowledge, conversation elegant person, full of respect. Similarly, a large number of original content website, in the eyes of baiduSpider is a graceful bearing gentleman, of course not package, nowadays a lot of "hypocrite" read more

The analysis for the characteristics of love Shanghai Google site keywords ranking

love Shanghai is the two largest search engine Google webmaster friends are most concerned about, the first thing every morning to do, is to see their website keywords ranking, always pay attention to the search engine algorithm changes, recent algorithm changes back to June 28th, Google is also very rare love Shanghai update at the same time, search engine a set of algorithms for keyword ranking, to find it can be said that it is almost impossible, we can perceive is to feel the change of the algorithm, thus to speculate on it.

, love Shanghai pay more attention to the website keywords ranking weight

two, both on the website title

love Shanghai search engine attaches great importance to the website title is the webmaster friends writing, as everyone knows, either before or now, love Shanghai search engine to a website title to give very high weight; through the observation that Google also has the same hobby, with love as sea on the site title written very seriously, through the analysis of the SMS website title is written: 28 SMS network – _ SMS SMS blessing _ mobile phone SMS _ Funny SMS _ SMS platform based on Google keyword search found love Shanghai, key words of these sites are > title read more

How to through the construction of the chain website update snapshot love Shanghai

[in] wolf passenger information chain construction site how to do? Recently, many of my friends are discussing this, some Er also know Shanghai dragon in the chain for the importance of weight transfer, know make sitelinks ranking easier, so, how to do well in the station link to


, of course, to do the chain, but also pay attention to some details, such as "redundant source code sorting, picture Alt attribute optimization, H1, Strong the use of tags and keywords and its deployment density all need to go to plan.

before this article, our planning first is this article is written for the spider, new online, love Shanghai included, of course, individual ability is limited, if there are mistakes in this paper think master, look forward to your correct.

in the chain where better? From the user point of view, the website of the important contents are generally placed in the side bar or the top and bottom of the three site location. According to the search engine grab rules, the weights of keywords within the chain link text should be left on the right on the left > > > > right left; > right, the specific reference wolf guest network media 贵族宝贝langker贵族宝贝. Therefore, for wondering how to do within the chain website keywords appear in the position which is better to read this paragraph. read more

Shanghai dragon forum was destroyed along with the line into Si share behind the lack of originality

fact, David Ogilvy and · all the advertising industry elite do not know, Claude · Hopki’s "science of advertising" written in 20s the last century, there are many obvious limitations, but this does not hinder its limitations become the classic advertising industry must be reading.

in fact, the forum often appear some N years ago. "The worst is normal, from the point of view, the spread of N essence of settling down, than most purely for" blood "share with curry favour by claptrap much better — at least not to harm.

East Shanghai dragon forum N years ago is very popular

and any industry need to review, and review the essence of classics are not many, the Song Dynasty Prime Minister Zhao Pu "half of" the Analects "rule the world", and David · Ogilvy also said: "if you do not take this book (Claude · Hopki’s" science of advertising ") read 7 times, any people are not to advertise" — especially in the information dissemination over information, various specious everywhere today, painstaking study of classical, and will continue to put the truth into practice is more important. read more