10 firstday fears Pope Francis is probably experiencing

first_imgYOU KNOW HOW it goes.  You spend ages preparing for and going to interviews and desperately hoping that you’ll get a job, but then when you do, you get the fear.What if no one likes you?  What if you say something stupid?  What if you can’t do it?We doubt Pope Francis is any different.  Here are 10  first day fears we reckon he’s experiencing today.Not being able to find the toilet.It’s an understandable concern, St Peters is massive.Flickr/Wha’ppen/Creative CommonsAll the cardinals hating him because he got the promotion.He might have to have lunch on his own.That guy on the right definitely doesn’t look impressed.  Luca Bruno/AP/Press Association ImagesNot knowing which hat to wear at which time.Is it just the little cap or the big pointy one?Gregorio Borgia/AP/Press Association ImagesDoes he wear the red shoes all the time?  Just for special occasions?Alfredo Valadez/AP/Press Association ImagesFalling over on the popemobile.That thing has got to take some getting used to.Pier Paolo Cito/AP/Press Association ImagesNot knowing where things are in the kitchen.Where are the teaspoons, dammit!Flickr/dani0010/Creative CommonsNot knowing exactly what he…does.It can’t be all mass all the time, can it?  Maybe one of the Swiss Guard will help him out.Andrew Medichini/AP/Press Association ImagesFeeling like the boss is always watching him.Except in this case, he kind of is.Gregorio Borgia/AP/Press Association ImagesNot knowing how people take their tea.Do you ask everyone?  Just the people near you?Flickr/Simon Cocks/Creative CommonsPanicking over whether or not you can actually do the job you’ve gotten.There’s fear behind that smile.Gregorio Borgia/AP/Press Association Images6 people who could pass for the new Pope>Is this the first time you’ve ever seen a Pope with a season ticket?>last_img read more