DGSN to Appoint Young Officers in Commanding Positions

Rabat – DGSN will rejuvenate its leadership by appointing younger commanding officers to several units across Morocco.Al Ahdath Al Magrhibia reported today that the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) is planning a general structural overhaul to rejuvenate the body’s hierarchy and make it more dynamic and efficient in meeting the challenges of a complex and shifting world. Many young officers are set to be appointed to leadership positions in the coming weeks. The newspaper said that the appointees will be officially announced on the eve of Youth Day, which will be celebrated on August 21. While responding to the King’s recent appeal that promotions in all sectors should be both inclusive—regardless of age and socio-economic status—and be based on merit and dedication, the DGSN envisions pumping “more fresh life” in its commanding body by honoring and acknowledging the services of some its dedicated young officers.The structural overhaul is also said to be a required by the new security apparatus Morocco has adopted in recent years.Morocco has been equipping its anti-terrorism elite units with the latest technology and state-of-the-art intelligence equipment since the appointment of Abdellatif Hamouchi as head of DGSN and the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST) in 2015. There is a need for younger and more technologically savvy commanding officers to effectively monitor and use Morocco’s modernized anti-terrorism umbrella.On April 24, King Mohammed VI inaugurated the Institute for Specialized Training, a DGSN-DGST affiliated training center to prepare Morocco’s elite police and intelligence units in communication decoding, interception operations, and criminal investigations. DGSN, which has been described by international observers as “Morocco’s FBI,” has been largely successful in its fight against domestic and transnational terrorism, gaining Morocco an established reputation as the most stable country in North Africa. read more