Arrest of Two people involved in recruitment of Moroccan fighters for

Rabat- As part of anticipation operations to counter terrorist threats, the national squad of the judiciary police (BNPJ) arrested, in collaboration with the General Department for National Territory Surveillance, two people who were active, in the city of Fez, in recruiting Moroccan fighters for Syria to join Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organizations in coordination with active members in the region adjacent to the Turkish-Syrian borders, said on Monday the Interior Ministry.The ongoing actions by extremist members, involved in recruiting and sending fighters in the different hotbeds of tension, show the will of Al Qaeda organization and its allies to undermine Morocco’s stability and security, all the more so since these fighters benefit from military training before returning to the homeland to carry out terrorist plans, said the statement. The same investigations enabled to arrest an activist, within jihadist forums, living in the city of Mrirt and involved in operations of credit cards hacking to embezzle money and give it to armed groups in Syria, it added. The alleged culprits will be brought to justice after the completion of the probe under the supervision of the public prosecutor’s department. read more