How to perform a system transfer to a New Nintendo 3DS

first_imgIn just a few short days the New Nintendo 3DS arrives with its hot new features including a faster processor, faster downloads, and extra buttons. But what if you already have a 3DS with plenty of great games already stored in its internal memory?Not to worry, Nintendo has released this video guide explaining how to transfer data from an old 3DS to a new one, but given how complicated the procedure is you might want to write down some notes.The process starts simple enough. Go into settings on both systems and select system transfer. Nintendo says it’s important not to create a Nintendo Network ID on the New 3DS. After specifying that this is a 3DS transfer, choose which handheld is sending data and which is receiving data. The New 3DS’s microSD card should be blank.From here you can select between three different transfer options. Wireless Transfer moves the data through an Internet connection. However, reports say this is a slow process, and since the New 3DS lacks a power cord you might have to swap the one you already have between both systems to make sure they don’t die during the transfer.Low-Capacity microSD card Transfer moves small files like save data, licenses, and pictures. But full games will have to be downloaded once again on the new system. Finally, you can insert both cards into your computer and manually transfer the data. You’ll just need a #0 Phillips screwdriver to remove the New 3DS’s back panel and access the microSD card slot.After going through with whatever method you choose, all your information should be nice and cozy in your new system, at least until the next Nintendo handheld comes out.last_img read more