Nintendo may put a smartphone gamepad in your pocket

first_imgEarly last year, Nintendo announced that it would be venturing into the mobile market. The first Nintendo mobile title released was Miitomo, and we know that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games are also on their way. Beyond these announced titles, Nintendo is also going to release games in the action genre. These sort of games require a degree of precision that typical touch-based interfaces cannot deliver. Because of that, Nintendo is considering creating its own smartphone controllers for action titles.Speaking at a recent shareholder meeting, director and general manager of entertainment planning and development, Shinya Takahashi, said that Nintendo may develop controllers for smartphone games similar to others that are available on the market. However, he also stated that the company would look into whether or not action titles are impossible to play without a controller peripheral. He said that no matter what their plans are, any applications and peripherals will be “Nintendo-like” and tailored for people of all ages.During the same meeting, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima suggested that projects such as these would require the support of the company’s third party partners. This could mean that Nintendo will not create games and peripherals on its own. Considering how the company is still relatively new to the mobile scene, partnering with those with more experience is a wise decision. After all, it’s relying on DeNA, a company knowledgeable of the mobile space, to produce its smartphone apps and games.Given how Nintendo is a hardware manufacturer, it makes sense that it would choose to create controllers for its very own mobile games. Plus, since many of the current smartphone controllers are supbar, unpopular, and basically ignored by Apple and Google, this is a niche Nintendo could dominate. We don’t yet know if these controllers will be as unique looking as some of the company’s console controllers. Perhaps Nintendo will create more traditional controllers for their smartphone games? Will they connect over Bluetooth like current smartphone controllers, or use a custom wireless connection like the Wii U or possibly the NX? We’ll have to wait to find out.last_img read more