Willcom announces the smallest phone in the world the Phone Strap 2

first_imgWe’re aware that with current smartphone trends blurring the line between phone and tablet, phones have become much bigger. There was a time before smartphones, perhaps too long ago to even remember, that it was cool — even desirable — to make a phone small. Japanese phone company Willcom remembers those days, and now that hardware has gotten much more powerful since then, decided to pack all that hardware into what it is billing as the world’s smallest and lightest phone.The phone, dubbed the Phone Strap 2, weighs just 32 grams, and measures in at 32 x 70 x 10.7 millimeters. The iPhone, which weighs in at around 112 grams, is four times heavier than Willcom’s tiny phone. Almost hilariously, the Phone Strap 2 sports a one-inch display — dwarfed by current smartphones. Among its most touted features, the phone is capable of text-based email, and has a moveable antenna, reminiscent of the long-forgotten days of extending the antenna with your teeth as you answer your phone.The battery, which has to be small in order to fit inside the phone, can stand by for 300 hours, but can only talk for two. The phone, as the name suggests, comes with a strap, as well as a microUSB jack for earphones. According to the press release, the phone can contain up to 1,000 contacts in the address book, which to be fair, is probably more than the amount of contacts you have in yours. The little phone will come in three different colors, pink, black, and white. Just 12,000 units will be produced, but we aren’t sure of a release date or price, as the pricing chart seems to only include contract subsidies. Whatever the price may be, we’re pretty sure you’d rather stick with your smartphone, and just marvel at the Phone Strap 2 from afar. Perhaps right here over the internet.last_img read more