Fing magnets You have 24 hours left to buy Buckyballs

first_imgYou may not have to worry about the world ending later this week, but you will need to raise a glass to the end of the Buckyballs website. By the time the counter reaches zero on their website, they will have been forced to cease selling their amazing magnetic toys.The Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided that small, powerful magnets like the neodymium ones used in Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, and several others, are not safe. The argument being made is that children could swallow these magnets and be harmed as a result.The problem, of course, is that none of these products have been marketed at children, and there are tons of things in the world that could harm a child if they are swallowed. Unfortunately, it has been determined that “harmful if swallowed” is not good enough since the CPSC claims to have thousands of recorded incidents of kids eating these magnets, so they are going away.While Buckballs has taken to making as much noise about their product going away as possible, Zen Magnets creator Shihan Qu has taken to educating and informing those who come to his site. The argument he makes is that tiny magnets should not be harder to purchase than ammunition, and calls for a narrower ban on these products that protect children without destroying incredibly popular now exists with petitions and information about the primary opponent of these tiny magnets. Since the decision to pull these magnets from shelves is not a matter of public vote, the only thing the general public can do outside of stocking up on magnets is to ask Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to allow the companies to continue to operate in the US.For as long as all high powered magnets are prohibited in toys for children younger than age 14, it is likely that these magnets will stay gone for a bit. Never mind that all of these products clearly state that they are for adults, and the packaging for Buckyballs mentions in five different places that the rare earth magnets could be harmful to children. For now, this is the end of these fun little desk toys.last_img read more