“I didn’t like my team”

first_imgQuique Setién spoke after the game against Ibiza at a press conference. These were his opinions. -I give credit to Ibiza. Is not easy. They have done very well and it has cost us. We have not had that clairvoyance. They have seen a goal in favor and that complicates things. We know that you don’t succeed at the beginning. They have tilted, they have not closed.-What role do you have for Ansu?-It is a player with great conditions and we will see how it evolves in our way of understanding things. It will have more or less prominence depending on what we are seeing.-It seemed that there was a lack of deep clearance. How do you rate it?-We have decided to put Junior Central and put him a little where Jordi Alba. We thought that Ibiza was going to retreat, but it cost us because its sides jumped. But then it has been different because the rival team has grown more tired.Is the first hour good?-Do not. I did not like it, but I understand the difficulties that one finds in matches like this. An aggressive team that has closed us well and that has not been easy. I would have loved that we would have been more precise and that it would have been better for us but this match will be good for us. Because when you do things wrong, you have improved them.Have you asked for more depth to the strikers?-Yes. But in the first part it has been complicated. The depth should have been more lateral.Doesn’t he worry that he didn’t shoot until the 70th minute?-I say so. Ibiza has played a great game. They have worked hard. I have seen some of their matches and I have not seen them play with this intensity. But I always warn my players that this will be so. We must give them merit. We have not been as inspired and clairvoyant as I would have liked. -Why did you raise that starting match?-This is a strong team that has made a great game at the defensive level and has had the success of scoring 1-0. That has given him confidence. We have been inaccurate. There have been losses, we have given them life and it has not been easy. I give an important merit to the rival. But when you have the ball wear the opponent and we have had the success of scoring. I am happy. We have not been clear but it has not been an easy match.-What positive aspects of your team do you stay with?-The other day, in the first game, we had more control of everything. Today we made inaccuracies, we had losses, and that we want to avoid. But there are players who have rushed a bit against a team that has locked himself well. That gives us distrust.– Have you seen outside at any time?-Lose and draw is always an option. More when it’s just one match. If we had to play in our field. They are trap parties. It is an important option. We have not had peace of mind.– What do you attribute that it has only been thrown three times at the door?last_img read more