Island wide hunt for four Armed Dangerous men

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNassau, Bahamas, February 8, 2017 – Police have issued notice that they are on an island wide man hunt for four suspects: 21 year old Fredrico Ramsey of Kemp Road; 26 year old Micah Johnson of King Street; Terage Johnson who is 22 of Second Street and Comet Terrace and Tino Adderley, 29 of Lion Road.   All are considered armed and dangerous.Police also report that one of the Bahamas’ most wanted is in custody; X Box as he is known on the streets or Lorenzo Franklyn Stubbs was taken in on Wednesday last week after an Operation in eastern Nassau.   Stubbs was wanted in connection to a number of armed robberies as well.#MagneticMediaNews #BahamasPoliceManhunt Related Items:#BahamasPoliceManhunt, #magneticmedianewslast_img read more

Producing Art with Stones and Potatoes

first_imgTwo artists who invoke the impact of human lives on the earth and the bounties of the earth given to man – Subodh Gupta who studied art in Bihar and Vipul Kumar who studied art in Baroda, create sculptural works which echo earth. On one hand, Subodh transforms and elevates every day into an avant-garde practice, whereas, Vipul translates a worldwide phenomenon into porcelain and stoneware sculptures at his studio in Jaipur.Bronze potatoesSubodh Gupta, who has been creating potatoes as a form of art in his works since 2007, has taken the humble potato and made it into a precious, coveted asset. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf Earlier in 2007, he put 7 bronze potatoes in a transparent bag and hung it precariously calling it “Potato Eaters.” While in 2009, at Hauser & Wirth’s show – ‘Common Man’, his installation was entitled – Potato Ring. The 697 bronze potatoes on the metal stand seemed-somewhat surreal because they invited the human curiosity and the gaze.After 3 years, in 2012, at Madrid, Gupta had 54 bronze potatoes-gilded with 24 karat gold and a year later, he created a seminal work called Food for Others – it was a comment on South American potatoes as immigrants-feeding the world. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIn 2014, he created a fascinating wicker basket with bronze potatoes and called it ‘Basket 2014′. It brought alive rural rhythms of Indian traditions and actually stirred the idea of bringing in the banal basket from the dust and heat of life into the white cube as an object of artistic discernment.’One Gold Potato’ in 2016 was a single potato placed in a perspex cube – made of bronze and 24-carat gold plated drawing attention to its curved contours. “Only One Gold” in 2017 was a cubed glass vitrine with bronze potatoes and a single, 24-carat gold potato. The gold and bronze came together to create a still life that creates a context of affable aesthetics and raises the humble potato to an asset with Gupta’s insignia.The artist was using the idea of the potato as an object of global exchange- to create art that keeps company with replicas of perishable, interchangeable goods associated with all countries- it is a subtle statement on imports and exports and also about how the humble potato can be treated with respect. In some ways, he was also implying the ways in which meaning and value are constructed, exploring art’s capacity to withstand and channel the effects of expansion, displacement, and translation all over the world.Porcelain and stonewareCeramic sculptor Vipul Kumar is a maestro at his sculptural ensembles in porcelain. His Global Warming – II is a masterpiece in porcelain. As a ceramic artist, he has been creating stoneware and porcelain for more than 15 years and his sculptural resonance is reflected in his depth of artistry and conception- his comfort at firing stoneware at an optimum of 1,250° C to 1,350° C reflects his observation and sensitivity towards climate change trends. Trained in Baroda, Vipul has been working in ceramics since 2003 and has developed his works to finer rhythms in earth day sensitivities. What entices is his deeper probings and his insight into architectural nuances-his proportions of understanding both vertical and horizontal treatment of space, where space and materiality and the equipoise of balance can be in his treatment of surfaces. From his lustrous porcelain in “Untitled -II” to the cracks and crevices and the beauty of both tensile thin details in his stoneware work of Global Warming I and II, he signifies melting ice caps. This adds a new dimension to his treatment of three-dimensional forms in sculptural dynamics in space.last_img read more

What You Can Learn From Michael Bays Embarrassing Presentation Mishap

first_imgJanuary 7, 2014 Enroll Now for Free 3 min read Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowcenter_img Perhaps Michael Bay should stay behind the camera.In a humiliating turn, the Transformers auteur totally botched a live Samsung presentation at the 2014 International CES on Monday touting the tech giant’s forthcoming 105-inch curved UHD televisions.Bay–notorious for his short fuse on set–arrived onstage visibly nervous alongside the Samsung executive Joe Stinziano, flubbed his introduction, and then couldn’t seem to recover.”The type is all off–sorry,” he grumbled in response to teleprompters that had lost sync due to his premature remarks. “But I’ll just wing this.”After several heavy sighs and awkward non-sequitors, Stinziano attempted to steer the conversation back to the much-hyped product at hand. “The Curve?” he said. “How do you think it’s going to impact how viewers experience your movies?”Upon which Bay turned and walked offstage.Later, on his website, Bay explained the embarrassing mishap, but didn’t offer much in the way of an apology. “I guess live shows aren’t my thing,” he wrote.Related: How to Save Any Presentation From a Technology MeltdownWhile technical blunders and communication gaffes are somewhat inevitable during live presentations, the show must–as they say–go on. Here are three of our favorite tips for keeping cool in the face of the unexpected:Don’t rely solely on technologyAlthough scripts and slides can serve as great assets to any presentation, it is crucial to know the material through and through beyond any multimedia resources at hand, writes communication specialist Shari Alexander.”To keep your audience engaged,” she says, “you have to be able to seamlessly continue on while the tech gods fix the problem.”Have saver lines locked and loaded”If you panic, your audience will panic,” Alexander writes. That’s why it’s crucial to have a backup plan devised in the event of a worst-case-scenario.If a joke flops, for instance, she suggests this line: “When [executive name] told me during lunch that that would be a funny line, I believed him.”Turn the blooper into a lessonSometimes, what we perceive to be weaknesses can actually turn into strengths. Mistakes can transform into opportunities–when perceived as such.Alexander writes of a presenter who not only acknowledged an insurmountable technical delay, but turned it into a teachable moment by incorporating the error into the presentation itself. Related: Richard Branson on the Art of Public Speaking This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience.last_img read more