Why Cuba is winning the fight against COVID-19

first_imgNathaniel ChaseThis article is a lightly edited version of a talk given Aug. 6 during the Workers World webinar entitled, “War on the Working Class: a Socialist Response.”I’d like to talk about another country’s response to the new coronavirus. The steps it has taken to protect its workers’ health show that what we’re going through now in the United States and what so many people on this webinar have already spoken of very eloquently doesn’t have to be this way. It’s not necessary; it’s not inevitable. It could be another way. This is about how Cuba is handling the COVID-19 crisis. As of today, Aug. 6, Cuba has had 88 deaths from COVID-19. Not 8,800 or 88,000. Just 88. The U.S. has had more than 160,000 deaths. For every million people in Cuba, 8 have passed away from COVID-19, while for every million in the United States, 488 people have died. This makes the U.S. death rate 61 times higher! That’s a pretty incredible disparity, especially when you consider that the U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Cuba, on the other hand, is not a terribly wealthy country. It has endured decades of economic privation, due to the U.S. blockade that prevents Cuba from conducting trade with not only the U.S. but many other countries around the world. That’s because of the extraterritorial nature of the blockade and the influence the U.S. holds in the international banking system.So why is it that this small, relatively poor country has such a lower rate of deaths from COVID-19 than the U.S.? The answer is simple. It’s because Cuba is a socialist country. Instead of the anarchy of capitalist production we have in the U.S., Cuba has a planned economy — one organized for the benefit of its people. It means that during the coronavirus pandemic, Cuba can shut down international flights. Almost no international flights are going into Cuba right now. The government has decided to prevent the substantial tourist industry from bringing COVID-19 cases onto the island in large numbers. That’s a real sacrifice because tourism is a major component of the Cuban economy. And it just passed through one of the busiest tourist seasons. But Cuba was able to do that while providing for its people because it has an economy planned for the benefit of its people. When more than 5 people on a block contract COVID-19, that block and all the blocks around it are put under quarantine. If it’s a small village, the entire village is quarantined. Food, personal protective equipment, medical supplies and whatever else is needed are delivered to the people affected. Everything is provided for. If people in a large city fall ill, they can go to quarantine centers where they and their families can live safely and receive retrovirals such as Interferon alfa 2b, which has the potential to reduce the symptoms and lethality of COVID-19. This medication is not available in the United States because of the blockade.Cuba has an enormous public health system that makes it able to do contact tracing. Why? Because Cuba invests its resources in public health. Whereas here in the United States, the ruling class demands government resources be invested in 800 military bases around the world. Collective action is need to fight pandemicA sign held by crew members reads “I love you, Cuba’’ as the British cruise ship MS Braemar finally docks there on March 18. Cuba was the only nation that helped the ship, using strict pandemic prevention protocol to assist more than 1,000 passengers and crew members to return to England. Of Cuba’s response, the country’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez, said. “Let’s reinforce health care, solidarity and international cooperation.”Furthermore, the U.S. promotes a culture of individualism. But we need to take collective action to fight this pandemic. We all have to wear masks; we all have to be responsible. We all have to be conscious of how we’re interacting with other people.This kind of collective action is often aggressively rejected in the United States with its hyper-individualistic culture. Whereas Cuba is literally built on a culture of collective action, devoted to creating a better society for all in the face of continuous economic, political and even military attacks from U.S. imperialism. Right now in many parts of the U.S., 30% to 40% of renters are behind on the rent. An enormous, really inconceivable number are facing eviction in the coming months. In Cuba, zero people are facing eviction. Why? Because in 1959, after the victory of the Cuban Revolution, land reform ensured not only that the landless peasants in the countryside would receive the land they had worked for wealthy landowners (who now live in Miami), but that all the people in the cities would receive ownership of their housing. The vast majority of Cubans own their own housing. Nobody is worried about an eviction, and if anybody falls ill, a system is in place to care and provide for them.Workers World Party has been putting out demands in response to this crisis. Demands that are winnable and possible, like workers’ control over the means of production. Like socialism itself, these are things we can achieve through organization and struggle.We are demanding free health care for all. Nationalize the health care system under community control. Build emergency hospitals. Full pay, benefits and guaranteed income for all.Food, housing, medical supplies and utilities, including internet, for all. Unequal access to the internet is a major issue as the necessity of long-distance learning goes forward.We need to suspend rent, evictions, mortgages, utility shutoffs and all debt. We need to prioritize resources for communities of color — and for the migrant community, which has received none of the stimulus benefits, meager as they are, that have been doled out by the government to LGBTQ2S+ people, seniors, youth and people with disabilities. These most oppressed sectors of society have to be prioritized in response to the pandemic, not ignored.We need to empty the prisons and detention centers right now. A prison sentence is a death sentence during a pandemic. We need to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement and end racist attacks.We need community control, not the cops and the military running everything. The $2 trillion the government handed to the banks must be given instead to the workers. And finally, we need to end U.S. wars, sanctions and environmental destruction.Cuba’s socialist health care system is not a fantasy. The Cuban Revolution is real and happening 90 miles off the coast of Florida. If it’s possible there, it’s possible here. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Lavender and Red solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal!

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare this From the LGBTQ+ Caucus of Workers World PartyWe, the LGBTQ+ Caucus of Workers World Party, are outraged, disgusted and alarmed by the continued attempts to silence and kill Mumia Abu-Jamal, a Black revolutionary political prisoner who has been inside the imprisoned nation for almost 40 years — first railroaded into a death sentence and then, because of the movement rising up to defend him, spared an execution but given a life sentence.The capitalist imperialist state has not given up their attempts to kill Mumia; in fact, they have doubled down. Currently Mumia Abu-Jamal is suffering from severe dermatitis, has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been diagnosed with congestive heart disease. Additionally, he has suffered from cirrhosis of the liver due to untreated hepatitis C. Efforts to get treatment for Mumia have been delayed as a part of a decades-long punishment inflicted on him by the white-supremacist, colonialist state.It was announced April 14 that Mumia had been taken to the hospital after experiencing chest pains and that he would undergo heart surgery. This caucus echoed and affirmed the demands of millions of Mumia’s supporters, those being:Before surgery, Mumia be allowed to call his spouse, Wadiya Jamal; his longtime supporter, Pam Africa; his chosen doctor, Dr. Ricardo Alvarez; and his Spiritual Advisor, Mark Taylor;Mumia not be shackled to his hospital bed, as is the rule in Pennsylvania and across the United States; andMumia, an innocent man, be immediately released from prison.In order to seek actual, accessible treatment for his health problems, Mumia Abu-Jamal must be released from prison immediately. He has been locked away for almost 40 years, suffering from mistreatment and negligence by the prison-industrial complex. His health is not good, and he must be properly treated, as all incarcerated persons should be.Simon Nkoli Queer Crusaders for Mumia, Philadelphia, 1999.Credit: Diane Greene LentFrom Philadelphia to Paris, and elsewhere across the world, supporters flooded the offices of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner with letters, emails and phone calls demanding Mumia be released.We, the LGBTQ+ Caucus of Workers World Party, echo and affirm this demand called out from all across the world: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal immediately! Free all political prisoners immediately! An Injury to One is an Injury to All!last_img read more

FDA Analysis Demonstrates U.S. Milk Supply is Safe from Drug Residues

first_img Facebook Twitter Home Indiana Agriculture News FDA Analysis Demonstrates U.S. Milk Supply is Safe from Drug Residues Facebook Twitter Previous articleClosing CommentsNext articlePlenish Acres Growing in Indiana Gary Truitt SHARE By Gary Truitt – Mar 5, 2015 The report found 15 confirmed positive samples out of 1,912 tested, or 0.7%. There was no statistically significant difference in the results when comparing the target farm group with the random samples. The FDA said the results “are encouraging and indicate that the current system of regulatory oversight results in high rates of industry compliance. The FDA remains confident in the overall safety of the U.S. milk supply.”center_img FDA Analysis Demonstrates U.S. Milk Supply is Safe from Drug Residues “We want to continuously improve the demonstrably-effective processes already in place to keep antibiotics out of milk. These results are great, but we still are aiming for zero positives in the future.” According to Mulhern, the findings “are a positive affirmation of our milk safety in the U.S., although we still need continued education among farmers, veterinarians, and pharmaceutical companies, and a need for continued outreach on how to prevent trace levels of residues in the future. This is a shared responsibility among all of us who are committed to continuing to provide people with a safe, healthy product. SHARE A new report released Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration underscores the safety of the nation’s milk supply, and demonstrates that the regulations to keep drug residues out of milk are effective in protecting the public health, the National Milk Producers Federation said today in reaction to the FDA survey. The milk survey was released by the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, which sampled the raw milk from nearly 2,000 dairy farms in 2012, and conducted extensive laboratory testing on each milk sample for 31 different pharmaceutical compounds. It found that more than 99 percent of the samples were free of residues, “underscoring the safety of the milk supply,” according to the FDA.“This report proves that America’s dairy farmers are delivering on our commitment to providing safe and wholesome milk to consumers, while working closely with state and federal regulators to continually improve the safety of our products,” said NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern. “Dairy farmers have a strong track record of compliance with state and federal milk safety regulations, and we support education and enforcement efforts to further strengthen that record.”The FDA’s objective in the 2012 survey was to determine if those dairy farms with previous drug residue violations in market-bound meat were also producing milk that contained residues. A small number of dairy farms have been cited by regulators over the years for being in violation of existing standards for antibiotic and other drug residues in animal carcasses at meat processing facilities.The FDA survey involved the confidential collection of milk samples from 953 dairy farms with a previous tissue residue violation, and another 959 randomly selected samples.The residue testing was conducted on raw milk from the farm, not on milk that had gone through the protocols in place further down the processing chain to keep antibiotics out of the milk supply. This was not an analysis of processed, retail-bound dairy products that reached consumers. The FDA conducts approximately 40,000 separate antibiotic residue tests of retail-ready dairy products annually, and has detected zero positives in the past four years.last_img read more

Police Launch Investigation of Swastika Found at Community Job Center

first_imgEVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT | FOOD & DRINK | THE ARTS | REAL ESTATE | HOME & GARDEN | WELLNESS | SOCIAL SCENE | GETAWAYS | PARENTS & KIDS Community News STAFF REPORT First Heatwave Expected Next Week faithfernandez More » ShareTweetShare on Google+Pin on PinterestSend with WhatsApp,Virtual Schools PasadenaHomes Solve Community/Gov/Pub SafetyPasadena Public WorksPasadena Water and PowerPASADENA EVENTS & ACTIVITIES CALENDARClick here for Movie Showtimes A photograph provided by Pablo Alvarado shows graffiti found on the window of the Pasadena Community Job Center on Aug. 12, 2020.Police have launched a hate crime investigation after what appeared to be a swastika was found scrawled in graffiti on a window at the Pasadena Community Job Center earlier this week, officials said.The vandalism at the center, 500 N. Lake Avenue, was reported on Wednesday afternoon, city spokeswoman Lisa Derderian said.“Police are actively investigating it as a hate crime and vandalism which appears to be a swastika and verbiage, ‘monkey,’” she said. “Police are asking any witnesses to contact them.”Investigators were also reviewing area surveillance cameras for clues, Derderian said.It is thought the vandalism occurred between the evening of August 11 and 7 a.m. on August 12, when it was discovered, according to police.Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek said he was disturbed by the act.“I have learned that the city-sponsored day laborer Center on North Lake Avenue was the target of hateful graffiti,” he said.“Pasadena has largely been spared from the uptick in hate crimes, but when it does happen, we must condemn it in the strongest possible terms,” Tornek said. “Our City’s strength is sustained by our diversity, so when one group is targeted we all suffer. We will not tolerate this behavior.”National Day Laborer Organizing Network Co-Executive Director Pablo Alvarado took to social media two express outrage.“We don’t know the intentions of the individuals who did it but we want to take it serious, particularly in this moment in the history of our country,” he wrote in a Facebook post left a discussion board dedicated to Pasadena politics.“We have asked our elected officials to denounce it and to send a clear message to everyone: there is no place for bigotry in our city. We ask Mr. Terry Tornek and Councilmember Victor Gordo, to unequivocally denounce this act of hate.”Reached for comment, Councilmember Victor Gordo said, “Hate, and symbols of hate, must be rejected and denounced wherever they occur, especially in our city.“I reject this and know that all people in Pasadena do as well,” he continued. “There is no room in this city for this.”Alvarado said the NAACP Pasadena Branch had reach out in support and he thanked its leadership.“Our organization will continue to fight for an inclusive, just, equal, and prosperous city,” according to Alvarado. “Our center will continue to supply our beautiful city with the labor it needs to keep the gardens green, the buildings painted, and the houses clean, among other things. The best way to support our center is by calling and hiring the workers.”Anyone with information was urged to contact Pasadena police at 626-744-4241. Tips may also be submitted anonymously to L.A. Regional Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.To report a crime or suspicious activity (626) 744-4241.Check neighborhood crime trends at www.crimemapping.com/map/ca/pasadenaSign up to receive email or text message advisories from the Pasadena Police Department: www.nixle.com and https://www.cityofpasadena.net. More Cool Stuff Home of the Week: Unique Pasadena Home Located on Madeline Drive, Pasadena Community News Business News STAFF REPORT Pasadena’s ‘626 Day’ Aims to Celebrate City, Boost Local Economy Top of the News center_img CITY NEWS SERVICE/STAFF REPORT Pasadena Will Allow Vaccinated People to Go Without Masks in Most Settings Starting on Tuesday Name (required)  Mail (required) (not be published)  Website  Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Herbeauty6 Trends To Look Like A Bombshell And 6 To Forget AboutHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyNerdy Movie Kids Who Look Unrecognizable TodayHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty8 Easy Exotic Meals Anyone Can MakeHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyA Mental Health Chatbot Which Helps People With DepressionHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyFinding The Right Type Of Workout For You According AstrologyHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty8 Celebrities People Don’t Love AnymoreHerbeautyHerbeauty Make a comment Public Safety Police Launch Investigation of Swastika Found at Community Job Center Councilmember Victor Gordo and Mayor Terry Tornek denounced the vandalism STAFF REPORT Published on Friday, August 14, 2020 | 4:24 pm Get our daily Pasadena newspaper in your email box. Free.Get all the latest Pasadena news, more than 10 fresh stories daily, 7 days a week at 7 a.m. Subscribe 24 recommended0 commentsShareShareTweetSharePin it last_img read more

UL launches new teaching strategy

first_imgEmail Linkedin WhatsApp by Kathy MastersonSign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up [email protected] with employers, greater flexibility of course delivery methods and broader module options underpin the University of Limerick’s new teaching and learning strategy, ‘Engaged Learning’, that was launched this week.The university says the strategy was developed according to the principle that “students should be actively and deeply involved in their own education”.The ‘Engaged Learning: Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy’ will bring a number of changes to the university, such as wider programme entry structures and the broadening of module options for students, allowing cross-faculty elective modules.It will also mean greater overseas learning opportunities and the development of flexible part-time, blended, distance and e-learning offerings tailored to industry needs.Employers will also have greater involvement as undergraduate programmes will be aligned more closely with employer needs, and employers will be surveyed “on the work readiness of graduates and their ability to continue to learn”.“The University of Limerick has been extraordinarily good, particularly at students getting jobs in the economy. They’re way ahead of other universities and higher education institutions in Ireland,” commented Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan at the launch on Friday, September 19.“This Engaged Learning proposal and plan will, I think, even add to that. It’s about excellence in teaching and learning and it’s also about employability. So I think it is building on a very strong base already in the University of Limerick.”Professor Paul McCutcheon, vice president academic and registrar, who led the development of the strategy, said: “One of the key elements of this strategy is to maintain UL’s leading position as the top Irish university for graduate employment.“Despite the challenging environment, UL’s 70 per cent graduate employment rate for 2013 primary degree-holders is now 18 per cent higher than the HEA’s (Higher Education Authority’s) most recently available national average figure, which is 52 per cent for 2012. This strategy reflects the ambitions we have for our students and it capitalises on our established reputation for excellence in teaching and learning.”‘Engaged Learning’ is closely aligned with the National Strategy for Higher Education for 2030, and is based on the University of Limerick’s strategic priorities.Prof Facebook University awards €100,000 in scholarships to new students Jigsaw to help solve youth mental health puzzle in Limerick Print RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twittercenter_img Advertisement Road Safety Awards honour Limerick’s leading lights Previous articleNew partnership for Mary I and IT TraleeNext articleAndrew’s friendly approach to improving Limerick’s fitness John Keoghhttp://www.limerickpost.ie UL get into the business of awards. NewsEducationUL launches new teaching strategyBy John Keogh – September 24, 2014 971 Bright future ahead for Limerick graduates. TAGSEducation Minister Jan O’SullivanEngaged LearningProfessor Paul McCutcheonThe University of Limerick Sea survival technology brings national award to Limericklast_img read more

Main Evening News, Sport, Nuacht and Obituaries Friday 18th May

first_img FT Report: Derry City 2 St Pats 2 Journey home will be easier – Paul Hegarty Harps come back to win in Waterford WhatsApp Pinterest By News Highland – May 18, 2018 Facebook Derry draw with Pats: Higgins & Thomson Reaction Main Evening News, Sport, Nuacht and Obituaries Friday 18th May:Audio Playerhttp://www.highlandradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/18news.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. AudioHomepage BannerNews Main Evening News, Sport, Nuacht and Obituaries Friday 18th May Twittercenter_img Pinterest Previous articleRaphoe men head stateside with Ireland HockeyNext articleHarps lose at home to Cobh – FT Report News Highland WhatsApp Google+ RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR DL Debate – 24/05/21 Twitter Facebook Google+ News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24thlast_img read more