Too Wet to Plow

first_imgA few days of sunshine can make a gardener forget El Nino. It’s rained all winter, but spring is here. It’s hard to resist working the garden. A University of Georgia scientist, though, has a word of advice: resist. Don’t be in such a hurry, said Wayne McLaurin, an Extension Service horticulturist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. First, be sure it’s not too wet to plow. “If you turn the soil when it’s too wet,” McLaurin said, “you’ll create a lot of hard clods that will take years to get rid of.” That’s especially true with heavier clay soils. “Sandy soils,” he said, “will be a little more forgiving.” Georgia has been inundated with rains this winter. A week into March, McLaurin figured it was “probably too wet to plow anywhere in the state.” So even though the average-last-frost dates are easing by, and spring gardening fever is mounting, don’t start working the garden soil until you’re sure it’s ready. “The soil will compact on you,” McLaurin said. “The implements you use to loosen up the soil will do just the opposite, creating hard-glazed clods that water can’t penetrate.” It’s almost like making rocks. “It will be very hard to break them up later,” he said. You can tell if your garden soil is dry enough to be worked, he said. Just dig down three or four inches with your hand and squeeze a clod of soil the size of a tennis ball. “Then if you tap it with your finger and it breaks up, it’s ready to work,” McLaurin said. “Or you can drop it, and if it shatters, it’s time to begin turning the soil.” If the clod holds together, he said, you’d best peruse those catalogs a little longer before starting this year’s garden.last_img read more

USS Kidd and El Salvadoran Forces Unite for PASSEX

first_imgBy U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. Fourth Fleet   August 13, 2020 The Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd (DDG 100), partnered with El Salvador Maritime Patrol Vessel (PM-13) to conduct a passing exercise (PASSEX), July 29.PASSEXs are unit exercises requiring cooperation, communication, and interoperability between two or more navies, testing advanced ship maneuvering and tactics. It affords the opportunity to improve crews’ knowledge and demonstrate shared tactics.“This exercise was a unique opportunity for Kidd to conduct training with the El Salvadoran Navy,” said U.S. Navy Commander Nathan S. Wemett, commanding officer of Kidd. “Working together furthers our mutual ability to cooperate and provides a unique opportunity to reinforce valuable warfighting skills from our partners.”For the sailors aboard participating ships, it was also their chance to improve their skills with their El Salvadoran counterparts sailing alongside. The two ships conducted division tactics (DIVTACS), a series of tactical shipboard movements, as well as practicing their communication skills.“Communication was imperative throughout the entire exercise when conducting operations at such close proximity. All communications with the El Salvadoran Navy were incredibly professional and it was a great learning experience for all,” said U.S. Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade Walker Hobson, USS Kidd’s officer of the deck during the PASSEX.USS Kidd is deployed to the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility to support Joint Interagency Task Force South’s mission, which includes counter illicit drug trafficking in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific.last_img read more

Cutter Suction Dredger Production Intensive Training Course

first_imgStrategic Dredging has just announced the launch of a unique course for the dredging industry, the Cutter Suction Dredger Intensive Training.According to the company, the “CSD Production Intensive” training has been developed to help dredging contractors achieve higher productions.“Any CSD is worthless if it doesn’t produce. And not only produce, but produce such quantities that they are competitive in the industry. Getting some sludge through the pipe is one thing, but achieving competitive productions, that’s another story. So we developed this training to help contractors achieve those competitive productions,” the company said.This 5 day intensive training full of interaction, exercises, and case studies is aimed at vessel and site personnel who want to learn how to get the most production out of any CSD.Topics to be covered include:CSD production process;Unit rate;Gathering process and spill;Cutting process;Suction process;Discharge process;Soil and impact on operation;DICE production optimization system;Efficiency;Basic production calculations;Terms like density, concentrations, flow, etc.;Exercises for various topics;Case studies.More Infolast_img read more

OSIL Buoy for ORION Coastal Erosion Project

first_imgOcean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) has supplied a 1.2m data buoy platform to the “ORION” joint research and development center in Nicosia, Cyprus, for use as a real-time monitoring station on an EU-funded project managing coastal erosion.According to OSIL, “The Harmonized Coastal Corrosion Management Framework for Enhancing the Implementation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Protocol (HERMES) project required a platform with the ability to record a full profile of water column currents, tidal variations, wave parameters (significant wave height, wave period & propagation direction) & estimated suspended particular matter (SPM) concentrations, with the data transmitted to a base station on land in real time, complete with software to analyse and process the data with a graphical display.”The OSIL 1.2m Tern buoy offers a high visibility platform with a GPRS communication system ideally suited to the installation location given the proximity to the shore and a popular wreck diving site, the company stated in the announcement.The robust buoy is equipped with a seabed mounted Nortek AWAC to provide three-dimensional current profiles in cells with thicknesses from 0.25 to 4m. The ADCP is additionally furnished with a Prolog board for internal wave processing, and it can also be used to estimate suspended sediment loads by correlating the acoustic back scatter intensity to a site specific suspended sediment calibration.The base station software provided by OSIL gives the end users extensive control over the data displayed from the monitoring buoy, said OSIL in its announcement.last_img read more


first_img 83 Views   no discussions Share Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Minister of Education Petter Saint Jean Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit and Education Minister Petter Saint-Jean have both described a recent High Court ruling as one which has brought them vindication.On Tuesday Justice Gertel Thom dismissed two election petitions which were filed by the Opposition United Workers Party after the 2009 general elections in Dominica where the Dominica Labour Party won 18 out of 21 seats. Justice Thom further ruled that the Petitioners; Ronald Green and Maynard Joseph, failed to establish a prima facie case and to lead any evidence to prove that the Respondents; Roosevelt Skerrit and Ronald Green, had acquired, renewed, or traveled on a French passport.Education Minister Petter Saint Jean told a meeting of the Dominica Labour Party in Roseau on Tuesday evening that the Court ruling is a victory for the people of Dominica.“This victory is not about Roosevelt Skerrit, this victory is not about Petter Saint-Jean but this victory is about you the people of Dominica…..I recall in 2004 my first political speech at the launching of the LYO in San Sauver I made a statement that went down on the books of the Opposition Party I said to them, “I might lose my seat the Labour Party cannot lose the election and if the United Workers Party won then my God was not real”. They took issue with me but God vindicated Petter in 2005.”Minister of Education, Petter Saint Jean Mr. Saint-Jean further stated “today the Labour Party, one more time, has been vindicated and God be praised”.The Education Minister also noted with humility his gratitude to God and his supporters for their continued encouragement.“I am really humbled when I see the show of support that everybody from the man on the streets to the man in the highest office have given to Roosevelt Skerrit and the Dominica Labour Party and I indeed with all humility and meekness say thank you to God and thanks to you the people of Dominica and thanks to you the Laborites of Dominica.”Meantime Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told Tuesday night’s rally that the Court ruling is “a historic day for justice and the rule of law in Dominica”.The prime minister noted that the ruling has also proved his earlier statements that he was properly nominated.“The point I have made all along that I was properly and lawfully nominated as a candidate for the Vieille Case Constituency in the 2009 general elections has been proven in law to be right and correct.”Prime Minister, Roosevelt SkerritPrime Minister Skerrit thanked his supporters for their text messages, emails and telephone calls indicating their support and prayers.“I wish to thank this evening the thousands of supporters who held us up in their prayers. Let me say tonight that I believe in the power of prayers, I believe in the sanctity of faith in God and his propensity to oversee the administration of justice. I also wish to single out the scores of people who took time away from their families, work, leisure and worship to journey to the Court every day of the hearing to keep watch and lend your moral support. I value the hundreds of text messages and emails I received. I appreciated the support and well wishes of those who met me on the streets or telephoned to tell me of the steadfastness of their support. But nothing touched my heart more than to see the dozens of senior citizens in particular who came to that Court House day in and day out.”The Prime Minister also thanked his legal team for their hard work and dedication in his defense at the Court trial. Photographs by Josiah St. Jean of Pictastic Photo Studio: [nggallery id = 112]Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Vindicated by: – January 11, 2012 Tweetcenter_img Share Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

Clermont Auvergne to be sued over concussion issues

first_imgThen two weeks later in the final he was knocked unconscious but was given permission to return to action, despite vomiting in the changing rooms.The 38 year old believes “winning took precedence over the health of players” at the club. French side Clermont Auvergne are set to be sued by one of their former players over concussion issues.Jamie Cudmore played with the side for over 11 years, and has claimed team doctors failed in their medical duty to him on two occasions.Cudmore says he suffered a serious head injury in the 2015 Champions Cup semi-final but was allowed to play on.last_img

State orders ‘Total Home Protection’ to stop doing business in Iowa

first_imgDES MOINES — The Iowa Insurance Division is issuing a cease and desist order against a Pennsylvania-based company called THPCA, also known as Total Home Protection.Division spokesman Chance McElhaney says the company sold residential service contracts to dozens of Iowans but did not have a license to do so in the state.“We do license residential service contracts, so what we want to do is make sure Iowans are double-checking to make sure the person and the company they’re dealing with are properly licensed,” McElhaney says. “They can do that by visiting our website,”Those contracts typically are an agreement to maintain, repair or replace structural components of a home, appliances or electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling or air-conditioning systems. He says Iowans need to be certain they understand what is — and isn’t — covered before signing a contract for that kind of service.“That starts by reading the contract and determining the terms of the coverage that’s offered,” McElhaney says. “In that contract, you’ll probably see some exclusions, so you’ll want to know what is not covered as well. Often, there will be a waiting period as well, so you’ll want to take that into consideration when you’re choosing whether or not to purchase this type of coverage.”The investigation by the state Division uncovered THPCA sold at least 176 residential service contracts in Iowa without a license in the state. It’s still unclear if those Iowa clients will be getting a refund.“We’re working through that with the Attorney General’s Office right now so there will probably be some further developments on this,” McElhaney says. “Right now, we’re focused on making sure they stop selling here unlicensed and if any other Iowans have purchased this product that we’re unaware of, we want to hear from them.”Iowans can contact the Iowa Insurance Division at 515-776-0224. The states of Nevada and California have also sanctioned the company.In addition to THPCA, Iowa’s cease and desist order also names Ronald Seruya of Oakhurst, New Jersey.last_img read more

Nearly 200 New Florida Laws Set to Go into Effect on July 1

first_imgCS/CS/HB 971 – ELECTRIC BIKES – SIGNEDThe bill creates regulations governing the operation of e-bikes in the state, allowing them on streets, highways, roadways, shoulders, bicycle lanes, and bicycle or multiuse paths. Local governments will maintain authority to limit their use.SB 172 – FLORIDA DRUG AND COSMETIC ACT – AWAITS SIGNATURELegislation preempting local government’s ability to ban the sale of over-the-counter proprietary drugs and cosmetics, including sunscreen.CS/HB 327 – ILLEGAL TAKING, POSSESSION AND SALE OF BEARS – SIGNEDPenalties increase for taking or possessing a freshly killed bear during the closed season. In addition, a person who possesses for sale or sells an illegally-taken bear commits a third-degree felony.SB 400 – ELDER ABUSE FATALITY REVIEW TEAMS – SIGNEDCreates teams in each of the state’s judicial districts to review closed cases of elder fatalities caused by abuse or neglect.CS/HB 177 – DRUG REPOSITORY PROGRAM – SIGNEDCreates a drug donation repository and distribution program for unused medication in the state.CS/CS/SB 70 – PUBLIC SCHOOL ALERT SYSTEMS – AWAITS SIGNATURERequires public schools to provide teachers with access to a mobile panic alarm application by the start of the 2021-22 school year. The app can be used to connect with first responders in life-threatening situations, saving precious seconds. It is named “Alyssa’s Law,” in honor of Parkland school shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff.CS/CS/CS/SB 664 – E-VERIFY – AWAITS SIGNATUREPublic employers, contractors, and subcontractors must use E-Verify system to verify the immigration status of employees. Requires private employers to use E-Verify or to use the Form I-9 and maintain copies of the documents used to complete the I-9 for 3 years. Employers and contractors have January 1 of next year to comply.CS/CS/SB 404 – PARENTAL CONSENT – AWAITS SIGNATUREGirls under 18 get will need a parent’s consent before having an abortion. Previous law only required minors to inform a parent or legal guardian of their decision.CS/HB 659 – DRONES – AWAITS SIGNATUREFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or Florida Forest Service can use drones to manage or eradicate invasive exotic plants or animals on public lands. Also to suppress or mitigating wildfire threats It’s that time of year again!Some of the Sunshine State’s newest laws will go into effect on July 1.Lawmakers filed about 3,500 bills and ended up passing 191. Here are a few of the ones that will hit the books this week:HB 43 – JORDAN’S LAW – SIGNEDThis bill protects children from abuse in the state’s welfare system by reducing the workload for caseworkers. That means the maximum caseload would be no more than 15 children, if possible. It also requires caseworkers to receive training developed on the recognition of and response to head trauma and brain injury in children under six years old.HB 641 – TEACHER PAY – SIGNEDState sets aside $400 million to raise minimum base pay for full-time teachers to at least $47,500. An additional $100 million will raise salaries for Florida’s veteran teachers and other instructional personnel who did not receive an increase or received an increase of less than two percent.HB 7067 – SCHOOL CHOICE – SIGNEDThe bill expands access to the Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) Program, the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship Program, and the Hope Scholarship Program (HSP). They provide financial assistance to families seeking private education.HB 1213 – HOLOCAUST EDUCATION – SIGNEDThe bill standardizes how Holocaust education is to be taught in Florida public schools by adding “policy, definition, examples, and prevention of anti-Semitism.”SB 1084 – EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS – SIGNEDThe legislation aims to crack down on the abuse of emotional support animal certifications. It allows housing providers to prohibit use in situations where the animal poses a direct threat to the safety, health, or property of others.CS/HB 7011 – STUDENT ATHLETES – SIGNEDRequires each public school that is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) to monitor heat stress and ensure cooling zones are available. An automated external defibrillator (AED) must also be available on school grounds for each athletic contest and practice, even those outside of the school year.CS/CS/HB 1259 – INCARCERATED PREGNANT WOMEN – SIGNEDCreates new protections for incarcerated pregnant women when placed in housing separate from the general population. Calls for medical checkups every 24 hours and hourly observation by staff.#Florida Remote Signing Laws Effective July 1, 2020 @WigginLLP— National Law Review (@natlawreview) June 28, 2020last_img read more

Robert Griffin III: ‘Doctors cleared me to practice’

first_imgROBERT GRIFFIN III WITH FANS (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) Your comments are welcome. Follow @NewPghCourier on Twitter us at our mobile app at by Joseph WhiteWASHINGTON (AP)—Robert Griffin III has passed a major test toward his goal of playing in Week 1, getting the go-ahead from the team doctors days before the Washington Redskins open training camp.“Doctors cleared me to practice. Coach is going to ease me in,” Griffin announced Monday on Twitter.The two sentences represent hurdles past and future. Even though Griffin says he has the medical OK, it is now up to coach Mike Shanahan to determine how often and how vigorously Griffin practices when the Redskins open camp Thursday in Richmond, Va.The Redskins had no comment on Griffin’s tweet. However, a person familiar with the situation said the Redskins have cleared Griffin to practice. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the club has not made an announcement.Still, it seems more likely than ever that Griffin will be under center when the Redskins open the regular season against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 9, just eight months after he had reconstructive surgery on his right knee.“It’s great news,” right guard Chris Chester said. “I’m really excited about it. It’s a great chance to continue from where we left off last year.”Griffin’s injury and subsequent rehabilitation overwhelmed the Redskins offseason. He led the club to its first division title in 13 years in 2012 and was chosen the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, and his unique talents are needed if the team is to sustain that momentum.Griffin injured the knee multiple times last season. He missed one game after spraining the lateral collateral ligament, then reinjured the knee at least twice more in the playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks in January. He had surgery a few days later to repair the ACL and LCL.Questions as to whether Griffin should have been removed from the game sooner have led Shanahan to consider a more cautious approach. Shanahan said in April that, for the coming season, “one thing we’re going to make sure of is that Robert never plays if he’s not 100 percent.”Nevertheless, Griffin has proven to be a remarkable and dedicated athlete, and his progress is also indicative of an evolving calendar of expectations when it comes to ACL injuries, which traditionally have required a year or more of rehab. Griffin’s timeframe is similar to that of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who led the league in rushing last season after tearing an ACL the previous December.The Redskins have said all along that Griffin was ahead of schedule. He demonstrated what he called “explosive sprinting” at last month’s minicamp and said he already had a rehab plan for his honeymoon. He married his longtime fiancee earlier this month.“I think we knew he was going to play a good portion of the season anyway, from the way I’ve heard things were going,” Chester said. “But if we can have him the whole season, it would be better.”last_img read more