EA Shows How Great Battlefront II Looks and How the Public Ruins

first_img The Xbox One X Looks Nice, But Twice as Nice as the Xbox One?Super Mario Odyssey and Other E3 Nintendo Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda Stay on target Star Wars Battlefront II (the upcoming one not the old one) appears to be the latest in a depressingly long trend of video game sequels that are what the originals should have been. The gorgeous visuals and sounds still lovingly recreate the Star Wars universe better than ever, and the Battlefield developers at Dice still bring a lot of large-scale multiplayer shooter knowledge to the table.However, the first Battlefront’s stellar presentation felt hollow once the limited content and so-so shooting set in. The sequel promises to tighten up the gunplay, adding new strategic classes and weapon loadouts, and deliver “three times as much content.” But what does that content look like?Well for starters the game now spans all three eras of Star Wars canon. The E3 gameplay demonstration was set during the Clone Wars and showcased teams of Republic Clone Troopers and Separatist Battle Droids blasting each other on famous Jar-Jar homeworld Naboo, before Darth Maul showed up. Meanwhile, characters like Rey and Finn and Captain Phasma will be playable heroes, eventually sporting their Last Jedi outfits as free DLC. In fact, all of the planned DLC will be free, although you can buy in-game currency to speed up unlocks which doesn’t sound much better.But the biggest missing feature from the first game was a single-player campaign. Battlefront II will boast a cinematic story mode in which players control Imperial agents perhaps taking orders from Emperor Sheev Palpatine himself following the events of Return of the Jedi. The main character Iden Versio is performed by Janina Gavankar, who also performed hosting duties for EA’s press conference.So far Star Wars Battlefront II looks pretty good. Unfortunately, all I can talk about so far is how it looks due to the… “unique” circumstances of this E3 and EA’s way of participating in it. If you’re allergic to games journalist inside baseball, turn away now. I hope you enjoyed the preceding preview.I was all set to play Battlefront II as well as EA’s other titles like the Fast & Furious-inspired Need for Speed: Payback, and the surprising comparable FIFA 18 on Switch. Like last year, EA didn’t set up a booth on the show floor. Instead, in this weekend before the show they put on their own show, EA Play, where anyone could enjoy a sneak preview of their games. It was further away from E3 proper than last year but not too bad. Surely I check out these games my job flew me out here to play.However, unlike last year, all of E3 is now open to the general public. The show hasn’t started yet, so we don’t yet know how the addition of hundreds more even less professional gamer bodies will affect things for veteran attendees. But I fear EA Play is a harbinger of bad things to come.I’ll admit, I arrived a little late for my appointment. But that’s the point of an appointment, having a guaranteed to see something without rushing. My mistake. When I arrived, the line to get in stretched across several Los Angeles blocks. That’s the power of Star Wars and Madden I guess. My media registration didn’t mean anything, so I was turned away by exhausted-looking employees, as were many other journalists I later learned.I can already hear the tiny violin strings. While I am annoyed the public nature of this event kept me from doing my job and playing cool games, I’m more sympathetic for the fans coming to E3 for the first time and facing these unexpected setbacks. They’re expecting another PAX, a fun and well-oiled machine designed for the masses. E3 is like that but with more reveals, right?Well no. E3, while full of dumb spectacle, is an industry event designed for people doing business. Waiting in line for hours to play an unfinished demo is a way better deal when you’re being paid to do it, not when you paid to do it. Countless fans also failed to get into EA Play, and they don’t have platforms for writing bitter blog posts about it. The Hot Pocket party thrown by our sister site IGN later that night was a more efficient fan event than EA’s.I suspect part of this chaos is just E3 working out the kinks of becoming a public event. Chronic overbooking is something you can solve after a few years of tests. But as it stands now, the insiders and the outsiders all vying for the same early games is a lose-lose scenario for everyone. At least Star Wars Battlefront II looks good. I’m excited to play it this fall.last_img read more