Nearly 200 New Florida Laws Set to Go into Effect on July 1

first_imgCS/CS/HB 971 – ELECTRIC BIKES – SIGNEDThe bill creates regulations governing the operation of e-bikes in the state, allowing them on streets, highways, roadways, shoulders, bicycle lanes, and bicycle or multiuse paths. Local governments will maintain authority to limit their use.SB 172 – FLORIDA DRUG AND COSMETIC ACT – AWAITS SIGNATURELegislation preempting local government’s ability to ban the sale of over-the-counter proprietary drugs and cosmetics, including sunscreen.CS/HB 327 – ILLEGAL TAKING, POSSESSION AND SALE OF BEARS – SIGNEDPenalties increase for taking or possessing a freshly killed bear during the closed season. In addition, a person who possesses for sale or sells an illegally-taken bear commits a third-degree felony.SB 400 – ELDER ABUSE FATALITY REVIEW TEAMS – SIGNEDCreates teams in each of the state’s judicial districts to review closed cases of elder fatalities caused by abuse or neglect.CS/HB 177 – DRUG REPOSITORY PROGRAM – SIGNEDCreates a drug donation repository and distribution program for unused medication in the state.CS/CS/SB 70 – PUBLIC SCHOOL ALERT SYSTEMS – AWAITS SIGNATURERequires public schools to provide teachers with access to a mobile panic alarm application by the start of the 2021-22 school year. The app can be used to connect with first responders in life-threatening situations, saving precious seconds. It is named “Alyssa’s Law,” in honor of Parkland school shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff.CS/CS/CS/SB 664 – E-VERIFY – AWAITS SIGNATUREPublic employers, contractors, and subcontractors must use E-Verify system to verify the immigration status of employees. Requires private employers to use E-Verify or to use the Form I-9 and maintain copies of the documents used to complete the I-9 for 3 years. Employers and contractors have January 1 of next year to comply.CS/CS/SB 404 – PARENTAL CONSENT – AWAITS SIGNATUREGirls under 18 get will need a parent’s consent before having an abortion. Previous law only required minors to inform a parent or legal guardian of their decision.CS/HB 659 – DRONES – AWAITS SIGNATUREFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or Florida Forest Service can use drones to manage or eradicate invasive exotic plants or animals on public lands. Also to suppress or mitigating wildfire threats It’s that time of year again!Some of the Sunshine State’s newest laws will go into effect on July 1.Lawmakers filed about 3,500 bills and ended up passing 191. Here are a few of the ones that will hit the books this week:HB 43 – JORDAN’S LAW – SIGNEDThis bill protects children from abuse in the state’s welfare system by reducing the workload for caseworkers. That means the maximum caseload would be no more than 15 children, if possible. It also requires caseworkers to receive training developed on the recognition of and response to head trauma and brain injury in children under six years old.HB 641 – TEACHER PAY – SIGNEDState sets aside $400 million to raise minimum base pay for full-time teachers to at least $47,500. An additional $100 million will raise salaries for Florida’s veteran teachers and other instructional personnel who did not receive an increase or received an increase of less than two percent.HB 7067 – SCHOOL CHOICE – SIGNEDThe bill expands access to the Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) Program, the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship Program, and the Hope Scholarship Program (HSP). They provide financial assistance to families seeking private education.HB 1213 – HOLOCAUST EDUCATION – SIGNEDThe bill standardizes how Holocaust education is to be taught in Florida public schools by adding “policy, definition, examples, and prevention of anti-Semitism.”SB 1084 – EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS – SIGNEDThe legislation aims to crack down on the abuse of emotional support animal certifications. It allows housing providers to prohibit use in situations where the animal poses a direct threat to the safety, health, or property of others.CS/HB 7011 – STUDENT ATHLETES – SIGNEDRequires each public school that is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) to monitor heat stress and ensure cooling zones are available. An automated external defibrillator (AED) must also be available on school grounds for each athletic contest and practice, even those outside of the school year.CS/CS/HB 1259 – INCARCERATED PREGNANT WOMEN – SIGNEDCreates new protections for incarcerated pregnant women when placed in housing separate from the general population. Calls for medical checkups every 24 hours and hourly observation by staff.#Florida Remote Signing Laws Effective July 1, 2020 @WigginLLP— National Law Review (@natlawreview) June 28, 2020last_img

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