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Q: There are many schemes to get humans to Mars.while criticising Koushal for its flawed analysis called out its formalistic and de-humaninsing approach in carrying out the reasonable classification test In this context it noted the limitations of legal formalism which often values form over substance and warns against its ability to overshadow the powerful statement of values the Constitution imbibes The undertone of these observations comes from the recognition that one of the primary functions of the Constitution is the protection of individual rights and technical application of legal tests can’t come at the cost of the humanity of people Beyond Section 377 While there are four concurring opinions in the Navtej Johar judgment one opinion stands out in particular Justice Chandrachud in his opinion while recognising that the matter in reference is to rule on the correctness of Koushal went beyond merely declaring Section 377 partly unconstitutional He remarked on how countries around the world have gone beyond decriminalising sodomy laws and ensure that LGBTQ persons have a right to full citizenship the right to form unions and a right to family life He went on to note that the right to sexual orientation imposes both negative and positive obligations on the state ie not to discriminate as well as to recognise rights that bring true fulfillment to same-sex relationships In the context of India he spoke extensively of the role of constitutional morality ie morality dictated by the values of the Constitution as opposed to majoritarian social norms in ensuring justice He declared that constitutional morality is intrinsic to ensuring equality for LGBTQ persons triumphs over tradition and culture and is the pillar against which all laws that deprive LGBTQ persons of their entitlement to a full and equal citizenship will be judged Navtej Johar thus opens doors for the LGBTQ community to claim a broader range of rights that go beyond mere decriminalisation In light of this one may argue that marriage and other civil laws which continue to be heteronormative in nature may not withstand constitutional scrutiny These laws continue to indirectly discriminate against LGBTQ persons by denying them access to civil institutions thereby depriving them equal moral citizenship The judgment further attempts to address structural issues by recognising the obligation of the State and the medical fraternity to sensitise the government and police and ensure medical and counselling practices keep up with changing social norms respectively It is only a matter of time before we witness the judgment being deployed for making a claim for access to civil rights and equal moral citizenship The future post Navtej Johar While the fight for equality is still a long-drawn and difficult one and needs to go beyond the realm of the law to tackle larger structural issues such as the widespread patriarchal norms that continue to govern our lives Navtej Johar? in depth, The Houses latest draft does not include anything close to the repeal of the Obamacare mandate.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012, according to WHO. That changed with the arrival of online ventures like DraftKings and FanDuel.

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