Methods through the new study period and out of the sandbox period

b: released a large number of the chain especially software released the chain; (software released the chain is typical of cheating)



b: website is linked to the horse;

a: server is not stable;

site in Shanghai love observation period was when the most tangled, every day the snapshot is not updated, not content included, ranking in the mountains outside of the site maintenance and lost confidence, in the end should not continue, do not know which day to go out, with the passage of time, a month to three months, the new station slowly out of the love of Shanghai observation period, the ranking has been significantly improved, so many webmaster feel to show its mettle, released every day outside the chain, a large number of exchange links, copy the update articles…… and then after a period of time at the site, how to page second and even further afield to? Don’t enter the observation period? For a time by a serious blow, then give up the site management and maintenance, a site declared offline.

during the observation periodMany of the

a: keyword is serious, more than a certain proportion; (we think the best in 2%-8%

: new sites to avoid a large number of optimization of

c: Links surge of violence reduction; (Links exchange to hold a degree)

railway station, it uses a lot of optimization techniques: keywords with black bold, the keyword stuffing, chain spread, Links exchanging.. do website optimization traces is very serious, and not natural, new originally in a certain period of time will be able to get a good ranking, a large number of optimization techniques plus, is ranked as dally like riding a rocket upwards, but the observation period after a period of time, can easily enter the sandbox, so the observation period in the new station, a large number of the following typical optimization techniques can not be:

I love Shanghai like Google, there is a "sandbox" mechanism, to set up a short time site, usually love Shanghai in order to observe its site quality, the user credibility, tend to the site’s ranking from the railway station, a good rankings placed into the sandbox for observation, if the website continued development well, the sandbox will be released after a period of time to get good rankings, and the ranking is more stable, the sandbox of everyone on the Internet that is a month, there are believed to be three months, but three months. So in the new study period after how to avoid the sandbox, or enter the sandbox period how to operate? Our analysis today.

site into the sandbox for several reasons

c: has modified the title description and other important information;




enter the sandbox is more than the new site will enter, many of the old site has the weight of the site will also enter, we work together to cause extensive visible analysis:

d: of the