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1, a large area of plagiarism website network already exists in this, we can see the love of Shanghai to the webmaster suggestions.

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actually love Shanghai and willing to stand together and, as long as the content of your site offers original, healthy, and do not involve politics, love Shanghai will be good for you, of course, the update is very important.

2, and their own site links, even if you love the web sites previously in the Shanghai ranking is very good, in fact, we have found that the love of Shanghai began to pay attention to your website domain name registration information, when several domain name registration information is a website with each other together, your own etc. see how you love Shanghai "pack".

1, a single article is too long, too long, this has recently been confirmed by

1, love Shanghai most concerned about the content of the original site, if your site every day is an article, even if you are talking about something, you are the only one who is interested in, I want to love Shanghai will love your site, the original, the search engine is the most important, of course, love Shanghai original judgment this method has its own, we cannot be confirmed, in the content of your website articles are copied, love Shanghai one hundred percent will you K down to the home page.

may cause the site is love Shanghai right down operation:

recently, the flow out of the powerful, there are several love Shanghai station was thrown into a observation period of 7-15 days for our Shanghai dragon, especially for me by Wangzhuan for a living, good cash flow =.

A point of view of what love Shanghai most concerned?

I love to talk about the recent Shanghai. (pure personal view)


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