Shanghai dragon website optimization away from the cheats you need to think about the following poin

first, the content of the website information value analysis. The content is the basis for the optimization of the main points of a website, in addition to the content of their intentions to write, but also pay attention to the value factors, the author found that the current content of the construction we must consider the content of the website cost factors, such as your original content is only 200 words, narrate the content is very dull without reading, even write their own the articles which have? Someone else’s article more than 500 words, not just text, pictures, case, appropriate examples and related articles recommendation, this point is sufficient to others writing the cost is very high, its value is self-evident.

fourth, the weight of the reasonable use of the site keywords mark. With the development of the user experience of search engine is more and more important, the author found that the moment for the use of weight markers we are cautious, can be said to be a very good phenomenon, we know that the bold or H tags can be used when appropriate, but we must note can not be used indiscriminately. If an article for so many weight > tag

we know that in the process of Web site optimization many times a little attention will fall into the vicious circle of optimization cheating, so the industry has often in the HeBian Railway Station which is not wet shoes, these words have been warning to our webmaster, always pay attention to the site optimization to pay attention to the mode of operation, not because of their own negligence site into the embarrassing situation of cheating so, as a webmaster, we should pay attention to the details of the

third, keywords layout to natural not to sacrifice the density of experience. The present site optimization we have been emphasizing the user experience, the article is part of the user experience is very important, and many in the optimization process of love in the article layout of a large number of anchor text keywords, most of the time is really not necessary, but their wanton consider keyword density to a range of what like. I think a good article even what keywords are not set, the weight can still get high. If a deliberate on the site to increase keyword density, when the density is too large, will not only affect the user experience. Will therefore fall into the large density of suspects, causing the site to drop right problem.


second, the construction site outside the chain to pay attention to the quality of nature. The anchor text chain for example in the process of the construction of our chain, in fact, the construction of the anchor text chain is two to guide the search spiders better grab web content. Secondly, for the user to guide the user can quickly see your text and jump to the specified address. The construction of the chain of natural, is not all the anchor text all point to one of the words, we can use the anchor text rich meaning similar or the same to us to recommend the link address. In order to enhance the love of Shanghai related domain, can also use the pure text address appropriate to expand the link exposure, optimization is to optimize our operation from all aspects of the details, so, naturalness and quality must be parallel to.