The WeChat index index hit WeChat mobile social Shanghai dragon era

WeChat index attention hot

WeChat index quietly on the line, that mobile Shanghai dragon new era is approaching.


recently, the domestic news events has raged, as ordinary people will talk about at leisure.

China refers to: 23719231


if the WeChat index product launch event as a network event marketing case, from the observation of all sorts of data, will definitely become the most influential internet marketing event in 2017 the top 10, both from the breadth and depth of communication, or from the viral transmission rate, or from the network attention, as well as the event continues and this event will become the influence factors, domestic hot events in a very long period of time.

in Sogou search results.

WeChat index, success beyond the "country foot" 23719231, become the prehistoric WeChat index after the launch, the highest index of the king.

love Shanghai launched the first domestic Internet Index: index

1. national football World Cup 12 finals victory over South Korea swept the konghan haze;


WeChat index value: 62349719

BAT explain the difference between


On the "WeChat index" the number reached 5780


About the WeChat index index value reached 62349719

index in their respective fields



2. love Shanghai cancel news source (the real situation is not canceled but changes included specific rules, not to explore);

from the Tencent Inc launched WeChat index in just 2 days, according to the search engine performance, beyond the imagination.

love Shanghai search engine on the "WeChat index" reached number 2940000, the number reached 870000 love Shanghai news report.

obviously love Shanghai and Tencent did not discuss the good, one after make a different move, but these two things that happened in the same week, had to sigh in the era of transformation.


3. Tencent social software WeChat launched WeChat index.

index is to love love Shanghai Shanghai massive behavioral data users based data sharing platform, is the era of the Internet and the statistics of the most important analysis > Ping