Shanghai dragon Er should have a grateful heart and willing to share

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1, why did you choose Shanghai Dragon: this problem is actually very simple, for example China football, why people looked worried, because many players just play as "work". But rarely is because true love football. Why do you choose Shanghai dragon to eat in order to live??? Or really love this

1, completely abandon the Shanghai Dragon: do other.

industry? why not willing to share?

some time ago accidentally saw video of Shanghai dragon why elite conference, I feel very good after all, Shanghai dragon Er conference rarely. The vigorous development of Shanghai dragon industry does not depend on one of two people on the line. The needs of the majority of the Shanghai dragon Er together, exchange their experience, experience. You must have an open heart, but not as many as hoodwinked by the so-called "experts’". Shanghai dragon Er progress may stimulate the progress of search engines, like the "hacker", not "hackers" might not find loopholes, improve the program. Then the domestic Shanghai dragon Er

in the face of Shanghai dragon we should have a thankful heart

2, many Shanghai dragon are afraid their competitors beyond their own, that no ground for blame. Think they learned their own "secret", reluctant to disclose. But you look at those who master Shanghai dragon has a kind of mind world. Shanghai Longfeng knowledge has been flooded, Shanghai will have a lot of love casually. But the real practical experience and who can freely share

, feel now young people do things more impetuous, in fact this is a common phenomenon, the website included off, the chain, ranking dropped, the boss began to roar. Shanghai dragon itself is a very competitive industry, Shanghai dragon Er every day to receive from the search engine "strike", and the pressure of the boss. I feel a lot of time not we do not have the ability to do website optimization, but midway encounter a variety of problems. Go to the forum or QQ group to consult others, few are willing to share their experience. Finally he lost confidence and perseverance. Slowly become mechanical chain, update the article.

morning opened the webmaster forum or other Shanghai Longfeng forum, you can find a lot of ER in the post Shanghai dragon roar, has called love in Shanghai, for a variety of fast rankings secret. Especially when love Shanghai or not make adjustment algorithm for small errors, condemning the overwhelming. I just want to say, so we It doesn’t help the situation.. Only to vent their dissatisfaction. You don’t scold scold rankings are still there, not just. In fact, we would like to thank the people of Baidu. If we think about Shanghai now not love by love to eat these Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er what happens.

in the face of Shanghai dragon we should have a heart to share