How to make a web page content is not grab

4. Meta Noindex plus follow standard > tag


This is the most effective method for

chain of words, unless you want to pit is the chain of people. Otherwise, the chain is the need for search engines to crawl. This is beyond the scope of this article.

as everyone knows, search engine on FLASH content capture ability is limited, can not fully capture all content all in FLASH. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee all the contents of FLASH will be crawling. Because the FLASH is trying to grab technology of Google and Adobe.

1. in the FLASH display does not want to be included in the content of

3. using the nofollow tag package does not want to be included in the content of

website management backup landing page, page, page test and so on, but the owners do not want to let the search engines.

, but there is a big drawback. It is not that any of the links and content. You know, in Shanghai Longfeng relatively healthy page should have had a. Outside the chain, but also within the page also needs to have the chain links to external web sites, so robots document control, let this page not only into the search engine, also do not know what is the content. Will this page for the low quality of the page. The weight may be affected by certain punishment. This page for the web site management, test page etc..

the author first introduce several effective methods:

and the chain, because some sites have many repetitive or redundant content. For example, some conditional query search results. Especially some of the B2C station, in a special query page or in a certain position, all the product page, can according to product type, type, color, size and other classification search. Although these pages to your visitors is very convenient, but to search engines, but it takes great spider crawling time, especially when there are many web pages. At the same time also will disperse page weight, against the Shanghai dragon.

may have some friends will not make strange, web page search engine grab more better, how there will be how to make web page content not to grab the idea.

so there is need to let some of the web page, or some pages are not included in the search engine.

first, the weight of a web site can go out is limited, even Pr10 station, can not be unlimited weight. This includes the weight chain to other web site at your site within the chain and the chain.

In addition

2. Robos file

this method cannot completely guarantee not to be included, because this is not strictly required to comply with the label. In addition, if the external website chains to the nofollow tag page. So it is very likely to be search engine grab.

The use of