Search people happy and worry

search engine should adhere to serve the people of

search engine has the purpose is to serve people, this is from the current shopping search, music search, news search will be embodied, obviously, a lack of.

the last century at the end of the 90s birth of China the first search engine to now, no less than ten search engines proved a huge market of this product in China, of course in Shanghai before people started a search service for some big companies, including previous search software, and in the climatic and geographical conditions at one point in the case of those products do not have, because of the lack of vitality and love to the end, eventually left Shanghai a big winner.

this idea runs through the beginning, after the "development to the 2 era, the Internet media information more extensive global network, search engine becomes more important, at the same time the capitalists behind the scenes also saw its great profit in the world market, as long as the money to the birth of the project is not rapid expansion so, the search engine the originator of nobility baby into the world’s largest profit market, promote the development of the emerging technology industry high speed.

in Chinese, almost all of the Internet industry projects are copied from abroad, as long as it is not to take over the domestic packaging and promotion, can be popular, search engine is also the truth. So far, all search engines cannot do without the "robot" mode, because there is no better technology to replace it.


since the noble baby "robot" crawling the dependence of the Internet, search engine has become the people cannot do without the Internet tools, the reason is very simple, in the vast amount of information without screening is not possible to complete the selection task specific information such as, so early search engine is more like a screening tool, in order to give people more convenient.


we can see that the general search into the later stages of development has been unable to meet the needs of the people on the same search, and other Internet industry, also to smaller and more fine market development.

The current pattern of the domestic search engine

in addition to these general search engines, Taobao and other web sites such as renren贵族宝贝 shopping search, social search, video search sites such as Youku, Tencent DISCUZ forum for the launch of vertical search and other products, is also one of the leaders in the industry.

Every corner of

believes that in the Internet more developed today, the ordinary net surface can at least say love Shanghai, soso, Sogou, Youdao this search, the industry will certainly pay attention to the 360 search, search, search people, of course, the authority should search mobile search and Pangu search, this is no longer here in these search products, interested friends can search look, use the search engine to search for the search engine, is a more fun, you can see the pertinent evaluation between these search.

The purpose of the