Talk about the short plate theory in Shanghai dragon on the optimization performance and avoiding wa

in the march to war, to be good at their disadvantage into advantage, such as for the favorable terrain, even their own army combat range, it can also guarantee the probability of toss! Reflect on the website of Shanghai short board dragon optimization processing, must be good at the disadvantages into advantages, thus reversing the the unfavorable situation fundamentally

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two: the importance of overall optimization,

three: let the short board holes into their own advantages of

many people should know the short plate theory, the effect how much a barrel can be a water filled the shortest board decision, even if there are a lot of high board still hold more water, short plate theory are reflected in many aspects, such as the warning line is there is a dam the shortest decision, also like domestic minimum consumption level, also has the lowest income that part of the decision, the corresponding extension to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so site optimization is Shanghai dragon success lies in his short board how high, short board less vulnerability will be less, the optimization effect will be better, so the weak understanding of the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and then they can avoid the success of Shanghai dragon website optimization


: a short board may find loopholes in the process of optimization of Shanghai dragon

Zheng Guofan has a human principle, that is must be able to listen to your command, those geeks, high but not for others, asked why, he said, our army as a whole, the above command must be carried out, must let the army as a whole so, Zheng Guofan’s army eventually managed to turn the tide, visible team is far more powerful than personal power! In Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, the optimization will focus on the whole, let oneself no loopholes, whether it is from the user experience, site outside the chain, content construction, website structure design are done perfect, can let oneself and others in the talent shows itself in the competition of

found itself in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process of the short board, is the process of analysis itself and competitors, can only do the enemy with baizhanbudai, but also well known to you but wins, this means not only from within the chain, the chain analysis and content, but also from the current industry in the hot environment, analysis, and well known, to achieve a comprehensive victory over each other! For the analysis of the short board of himself, generally need to use some tools, like the war with the terrain, weather to win victory! And now many sites have the webmaster analysis tools, which A5 webmaster the tool is complete! You can use

not to engage in personal heroismRemember

is the chain optimization with the site as an example, many people spend a lot of energy can not do, sometimes their efforts in the ten days of the fruits of labor, because other sites found you outside of the chain suspected of advertising, a deleted in the end, it.

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