Love Shanghai included home page title and the actual title does not match the phenomenon analysis

– why keywords are ranked, and the search keywords ranking after the TITLE is not the same, the following is a screenshot:

CaiShuXueJian, described the incident posted to A5, ask you to help analyze, look generous with your criticism.

source www.baohuhanji贵族宝贝 first www.admin5贵族宝贝 copyright, reprinted annotated source.


1, about 10 days ago because virtual hosting service providers, to the site within a week of continuous change of two IP, after the love of Shanghai is no longer included, and the snapshot has been stuck in April 18th, and today that snapshot update the strange phenomenon. (it must be added that the station before is the snapshot snapshot)



and the TITLE home page: Oh Yao network music making is a MIDI computer music production software tutorial website

is not the same?

Lenovo recently site happened, preliminary judgment is website be punished, but the punishment and we usually say the phenomenon is not consistent, as follows:

– why did not reduce the number of included? (although not included in the total number, but did not change before and after

don’t know you have not encountered such a situation, Shanghai is the best collection of web page TITLE and the actual site of TITLE

search keywords "music" was originally a ranking of 10 or so, the love of Shanghai ranked eighth, has seen many children’s articles, that is love Shanghai punishment or the right to stand down ranking will disappear, then I wonder why the rank did not disappear, but move forward? TITLE system and keywords ranking and change again, add Oh Yao two words


2, if it is love Shanghai punishment or right down,

today to work early in the morning, habitually check website, let me be startled at the. Find love in Shanghai for more than a week does not update snapshot site www.oyooo贵族宝贝 suddenly update snapshot, and help me to site TITLE have changed. Asked several friends, they all said they have not encountered such a situation. What is the love shots of Shanghai site home page: