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, we decided to adopt a user growth strategy, and overnight, our number of users jumped from 0 to 10000. In fact, things are really good crazy, our server instantly collapse, feedback swarms when we released only "test version".

Tencent Francisco ghost in Beijing on January 15th news, according to foreign media reports, after the great success of Facebook, many start-ups are adopting similar user acquisition strategies user acquistion strategy. The day before, a young entrepreneur wrote and recorded the process between the number of user own easily over a million overnight. Following is the full text of this article:

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I think the choice of advertising League should be based on the type of website content to choose from, different websites can choose different advertising alliance. Here take two of my website to the specific analysis, a website is to help me check the network, this is a comprehensive website, the website set the common query and query site navigation, the user base is relatively wide, many wage earners, the other one is followed by the wind, this is a fashion website, published in fashion, beauty, beauty of the latest information, method, user group dominated by women.

but soon we found that the facts were not optimistic – they didn’t communicate that information for us, so we moved on to the next group of influencers. We contacted a television station where they broadcast a short, funny video news that became popular on high school campuses.

exploded like this? Our success was not magical, nor was it luck or pious prayer. Before we launched, my team and I were making strategy carefully.

we are not planning to contact students personally, but we are looking for credible and authoritative influencers to help us communicate information to one group.

webmaster may know GG, sh419 and Ali mother advertising, advertising is a way to make money almost all small owners cannot do without, in addition to the above mentioned three advertising alliance, there are many large and small advertising alliance, the webmaster should be how to choose? How to choose in order to obtain maximum benefits. Below, I? According to my site experience to share with you how to choose the advertising alliance:


first said, "my help me check nets", because of the needs of the experiment, the three advertising union code I have put on, and produced the effect is different. The first time I put an advertisement for GG, we know that GG is a high degree of advertising, advertising, two is the price according to different site content and automatically adjust, for example, the same is a stock on the stock website advertising, price will be relatively high, and don’t show in the type of web site price will be very low, because these two characteristics of the show on my website content for some mixed advertising my query website, query keyword advertising, such advertising is relatively small low price is certain; the second time I put my mom’s ads, we know Mom, the advertisement to guide consumption, and online shopping the main groups of women, through the use of analysis and the discovery of a period of time, the effect is not good, how do you say? Is a visit to help me check the website for users Check something, come, go, check to need something to go, the two is this kind of network users often understand, naturally know Taobao and other shopping sites, online shopping will not need to enter through my Taobao passenger link; now I can only choose the sh419 alliance when I started advertising, advertising is put on the sh419 web promotion code, found that the effect is not good, one is the advertising matching degree is not high, low CTR, two is the advertisement price is lower but, so I give up and choose > Web Promotion

, however, such models can only succeed if they are given great traction at the start. Take my second start-ups, for example, targeting a very niche market – helping high school students to attend college admissions.

in my two websites were placed GG, sh419 and mother advertising code other advertising is not running, not to do analysis, three advertising alliance each have their own characteristics, each have their own advantages, according to my understanding, the best matching GG keyword advertising, advertising mom the most suitable to guide consumption and earn a commission, sh419 union is the biggest advantage of his new business promotion and cooperation. The following is according to the advantages of each alliance, according to the type of website content to choose to put in.

we managed to get in touch with them, and they immediately liked our idea. This TV station lets us prepare a small two or three minute long short film, and releases this video after the website releases. Since we were prepared for this 2 months ago, we had ample time to plan successfully and execute our marketing plan.

How did it happen when

then the short film was broadcast, and we got over ten thousand users overnight. And the websites are getting more and more

for us, high school teachers, counselors, principals are ideal influencers. A few months before the announcement, we were aware of this and began to touch each other.

many start-up companies want to choose to rely on the growth of the number of users to succeed. The craze stems largely from the huge success of Facebook – and many start-ups are following Facebook’s pace.