The construction of the chain strategy today on Buckso

, a chain of construction

is now the love of Shanghai than in previous years, a variety of algorithms so far, in many respects, treatment is also more intelligent. The speed and quantity control of the construction of the chain of speaking, to start from the site itself to consider. For example, most of the site will add a few articles on the site on the line after the content of the spider crawling, waiting for the love of Shanghai included. A new website, originally the content of your website is not much, this time you will start a large-scale construction of the chain, then give it many voting page, you feel normal? Is like a newborn baby is sucking from the start, to eat, what things are gradual. So this time the chain can be started, but not excessive, the speed and quantity of consistent update speed and the amount of the best and the content on your site.

so the above two cases can roughly draw a conclusion that the speed and quantity of the construction of the chain should update the speed and number of reference website.

Speed and quantity control of

is a website itself, a home page, channel page, column page, content page etc.. But in most cases, it is not only home to help users. Most of the Shanghai dragon Er still in the old train of thought, the construction of the chain will only do home. Remember the love of Shanghai official information: there is a chain of judgment criteria are the only judge whether the quality of the chain chain is based on whether the user really recommended. In turn, thinking, a website may have a help he would recommend to the user, it is also possible for a column content of the website is very high quality help he would recommend to users, not just home. Therefore, the construction of the chain now should pay attention to diversification of the chain of landing page, add some pages may provide value to users outside the chain of construction, and not just.

nearly a year, it is Shanghai dragon er an eventful year. From the end of last year, Shanghai’s official super love cheat algorithm upgrade combat link to start this year, the pomegranate Scindapsus aureus algorithm algorithm, original spark program on-line, to update to 2 Scindapsus algorithm, all the changes are now love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult, more let more new Shanghai dragon can not start stop. This series of actions to love Shanghai, around search engine optimization, the three most important factors: content, external links, user experience. Buck Shanghai dragon has been thinking, the chain now how to do, how to do more safe and effective. The construction of the chain provided some of my own views and opinions, we think together to discuss.

and I recently did some testing on the site: the line before the preparation of numerous contents filled in, and then my chain growth rate also increased. The effect is good, no other adverse effects. Of course, from the line of the spider, they often focus on the site if the IIS log, observe the spider crawling.

two, diversification of the construction of the chain