The basic knowledge and skills of website optimization within the chain, the chain

in the chain.


chain plays a guiding role for the spider to transfer the weight, basic knowledge of the chain I "in this article interpret the depth of high quality site outside the chain of knowledge" has been explained in detail, if not see friends can take a look. Then the optimization techniques of the chain with the chain, many webmaster in the hair of the chain, just send a web page, we can also send diversification, the web site’s home page, content page, column page, diversify. The following diagram:

chain optimization techniques


many webmaster friends do within the chain may be from the content page links to the home page, so in order to let the chain ZhengZhan made more powerful, we need to diversify, we can from the content and links to the content page, can also link to the home page column page. This helps the whole station link through more convenient spider crawling. The following diagram:

The chain


site within the chain diagram of

from the above explanation, we know that the chain and the chain can be diversified, not just on one page chain link, especially outside the chain, if all point to the home page, so may the spider climb to climb again to the front page column page, found that the site quality is not high, then there is no longer deep crawling, if that chain directly to the inside pages, the spider can directly lead over the climb to the page, so as to achieve the purpose of deepening the spider crawling, which is a chain of skills increase website included. Whether it is inside or outside the chain chain, all the weights of the transfer function, then according to your own website ranking, to plan some potential ranking pages to train the page keyword weight, specific >


in the chain can guide the spider crawling other related pages, to the friendly effect on search engine optimization, can let the spider crawl the web content to crawl more deeply, the weight can also transfer station page. The website can also guide the user to read the relevant content, is conducive to the user experience.

site outside the chain diagram of

in the chain is the anchor text (text links), hyperlinks (links), text chain (pure URL) three kinds of equations, the three kinds of spiders can crawl to follow.


the Internet is composed of various links, and diligent search engine spiders every day in these links to crawl, crawl the content, the site is divided into two links, one is in the chain is: website internal links, the other is the chain website external links. With the chain chain plays a very important role in the search engine optimization, give me the basic knowledge and skills to optimize the share with the chain chain today.

The basic structure of the

optimization techniqueThe