To Shanghai dragon novice website optimization five to avoid the minefield

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: a new optimization minefield site title and layout often changes

know the importance of the chain, the chain is the more the better not?. The construction of external links is need skills, new and old station in the construction of the chain should be treated differently, the new station in the early construction because the weight is not high, the chain is also not too much, but should be gradual. In the eyes of the search engine, a new station is not likely to get a lot of external links in a short period of time, a large number of short time internal and external chain growth is likely to be search engine that is cheating. Wait until the site after the stable, the number and frequency of external links per day also try to be consistent.


new optimization area four: keyword density is too large or there is no relevant keyword

search engine has become the main way for people to obtain information on the Internet to find information already, along with the development of technology of search engines, the site should be included in the search engine more and get better ranking is more and more difficult. As the site optimization personnel must be familiar with the characteristics of search engine, to avoid the use of optimization methods are not friendly to the search engine, in order to get the favour of search engine. Allen Ji’nan five Shanghai Longfeng minefield training with you to avoid the website optimization.

new optimization area three: short time inside and outside the chain massive growth of

new optimization area two: acquisition reprint content too much

The density of

for the new station, the weight of the site is very low and even in the search engine. If this time frequent changes to the site title and format, will make the search engine think your site is not complete, then the search engine needs to know your website, it also needs to be re examined and verified, even right down for a period of time will gradually be recognized. In general, now love Shanghai in the new study period in 2-4 weeks, this time try not to move the title and format.

collection and reprint content too much is not conducive to the weights of the website in search engine promotion, actually still love new things, also known as the "original". Now many webmaster use acquisition software update is not a permanent solution, this collection of words even be included, what did not help to increase website weight, and over time will be removed. So, again, the original is the kingly way".

on key words, after many webmaster analysis found the website keyword density control in 2%~8% is the most reasonable, is the most acceptable search engine. Keyword density is not better, is the best natural, namely express, to make the language fluency. Furthermore, some owners in order to attract traffic, deliberately arranged some popular keywords in the web page, and these keywords and web content is actually Never mind, such a situation will also be search engine that is cheating. For example, your website is obviously mobile phone websites, but suddenly there are a lot of "Nintaus"