Shanghai Longfeng forum for survival by forum No. 20 light-years off

article "the forum No. 20 close to Shanghai light dragon forum operations." on A5, said the Shanghai Phoenix Forum operation how hard it is, but as the webmaster friends comment (large step), for some of the statements in this article do not agree, then in use. The point of view of the webmaster rebuttal about this article, about the law of the survival of Shanghai dragon forum, hope to get the support of friends.

second, refute "Shanghai dragon forum profit model is not clear"

first, talk about the "Shanghai dragon forum spamming the brunt of


Although the

from this picture, we see that these sites are generally lack of management, but also included a large class of such speed, and then in Shanghai with love for the new page included 24 hours of class has certain additive effect, so have the following reaction; but if Shanghai Longfeng forum is garbage first but, it is difficult to explain the problem, including the prevention effect now, discuz have great plug-in can solve a lot of junk information, at this point, I believe that as Shanghai Longfeng research site and we are very confident out for such a response;


in the picture we can see is that in addition to a few forums, namely the first and the second forum, breaking the 3000 day post outside, other sites have not exceeded 1000, see from this point can also, Shanghai dragon forum and not as good as people imagine the gas explosion, but these forums the profit model there is only in the form of advertising, which is not mentioned in the original Shanghai dragon training, in the original, the original author claims that there is no good profit model, here I want to say is that it is a forum.

is not a forum will be garbage annihilation, those illegal spam crowded forum is often those who neglect, included quick website, for example in the figure below, just collect website

I always think, if every Shanghai dragon forum thinking about profit what could be too good, what is the profit pattern of Shanghai dragon forum? Now I try to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon forum, good rankings, and then organize the member number (from Shanghai dragon why), below collect


in the A5 and forum stationmaster net have appeared a lot of garbage, but also soon disposed of, a regular forum should have the reaction speed is very good, there is no doubt that, if Shanghai Longfeng forum is some garbage outside chain bear the brunt of it, many are not suitable. After all, if the meeting included quickly, high weight terms, so the Shanghai dragon forum management must be very strict, then we carefully count, how many

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