Deng Kanhao Shanghai dragon ER using search engines to get outside the chain of eight skills

we can write some original articles for submission to get the chain better, because the weight of the submission site is relatively high, such as A5, a web site, Chinese nets etc. this kind, if we can get through this, and recommended, so the effect will be better, but because through a. There will be a lot of size websites reproduced in the past, so the chain is not very easy to get it, the general site will not put your link removed. Although >

second: use others sites for resource

, I believe many of my friends have to do outside the chain and trouble, do Shanghai dragon ER is a very tiring, I am no exception, now I am in the company every day is doing the same thing every day, one hundred outside the chain, some people will not be too much, I’ll tell you this article one hundred the chain is not what, many of my friends say that one hundred outside the chain where to do? Where there are so many outside chain resources. I think you’re the only to find, to practice, you will find that the one hundred chain is actually not too much, is rarely. If you say you do not have these resources, it is because you do not have to, so don’t have, because some of the chain to share out the Internet now, are thousands of tens of thousands, but I tell you, the chain resources are not many can be used, I also used the Sea chain the resource tool, many forums are not open, I just say here is the forum resources, I’m not saying much sea resources outside the chain of tools that other resources are not available. Do the chain these time I summed up some tips for the chain resources to explore together with you.

: the first love Shanghai search Chain Forum

method of submission Use

third: the use of video website

to find the love of Shanghai massive resources is very good, find can not find, we can also use other search engines to find resources. What resources, search what name on it. Here Deng Kanhao is put to you that, want to search resources.

video on the Internet website, the website weight is very high, if we make good use of this kind of website to do outside the chain is still very good, for example, we see a forum to push the chain, you can see some video sites are outside the chain, a push on the altar is to upload videos with the domain name in the forum above, it can achieve the effect of reverse link, such as Youku potatoes, the weight of this kind of website is very high.

we can analyze the chain they are coming from the top good website, like the Deng Kanhao optimization of the keywords of Guangzhou Shanghai dragon, I also check the chain resources through the early fall in love with the sea’s top three sites where it came from, can use love stand nets to see, there are many tools but I love love station network to check the chain resources so that we find if we can use it to make good use of.

fourth: the use of

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