A5 marketing the recent love Shanghai algorithm, see!

page information facts, TITLE title, Keyword keywords do not seek truth from facts, in order to optimize the flow and deliberately increase, with serious attitude, "wrote the" mentality to take seriously every article, every article published the article, the title is reasonable, whether thought, reflected in the page.

weekly review: the recent search engine of new audit maturity greatly extended, if the weight fluctuation is normal, without worrying too much. For the old site, A5 marketing reminder: by K website, after optimization, even to solve the problem, the search engine ranking period will be extended to cache. Needs a solid effort, can only be the rainbow after the rain! Well, don’t nag, following the discussion we enter.

mass chain era gone for ever, if you are still in the "old consciousness" to judge the search, then will lose in a complete mess; do not hold fluky psychology, use: mass, fat, that is not really real.


in addition, there are those who take the news source to enhance the site weight, believe that this site is not a few, or "love Shanghai" will not be a time for; some enterprises, in order to enhance the website weight of a news source article can take a number of links, or hypertext, but if we consider from the user point of view, this article.

inventory two: about the chain

if your site is down right in the near future, you need to pay attention to their own website whether these problems appear in the website? Content publishing process, is not just to "update" and optimize or inadvertently lead to wide of the mark, "the theme of deviation". We recommend:

inventory: About included

before we found some websites, such as "information network" traffic is not a lot, but added such as: "XXXX mobile Internet business hall" such information, a value of the flow, in fact is that now the flow. If it is to do with the flow but not related, so why not open a new

do not simply in order to enhance the search engine included the number, frequency of visits and the use of information "thief" update and not related to the overall center of gravity;


The chain site?

package included what is the use? The chain search engine that if not found, then there is no value! Don’t believe what the package included, in addition to your employees, no one will give you do these, "pay = results" 200 dollars to buy 1000 of the chain.

on the 8.22 day, exciting day, a large number of sites "index" crash, although gradually returned to normal, but only an accidental error code? Coincidentally, followed by 9.6 days of "not related to static search results page will be dealt with harshly"

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