How to analyze the user experience

1.: sensory experience presented to the user on the audio-visual experience, emphasizing comfort;

2.: interactive experience presented to the user operation experience, emphasize the ease of use, availability of

normal user experience

5.: trust experience presented to the user experience of trust, emphasis on reliability.

3.: emotional experience presented to the user psychological experience, emphasizing the friendly;

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search engine to determine user experience

[introduction] now the search engine has been not to link analysis as the center, but to the user experience as the center. In the content relevance judgment and link analysis based on the normal, "the user experience for the search rankings more and more influence. The user experience of the website optimization (UEO), should be the product manager work strictly, but the search engine in order to make them available to the user’s web browsing users the most love, is the most comfortable, with a series of techniques to increase the search ranking effect on the web, so ordinary Shanghai Longfeng personnel we should optimize the understanding of user experience, and to understand the search engine in the end is how to judge the quality of a web user experience.

station in the search engine’s point of view, it is how to determine the web user experience? The search engine only according to their own judgment can access to the data on the site of PV, "the bounce rate data are not available, can only rely on other auxiliary data to judge:

here is not to make analysis of how to optimize the user experience, but to analyze the search engine is how to judge the quality of web user experience, because the search engine has been trying to make their algorithm results close to the real needs of users, so as to understand the real needs of Shanghai Longfeng staff of users in user experience demand, and then the real needs of users to implement the technology of judgment, judgment of search engines in general will do, as long as to find the point, Shanghai Longfeng job is to find the direction in this aspect of the user experience.

(1) concise page, advertising does not interfere with reading, not a lot of pop or jump (sensory experience).


(2) website brand, website exposure, the website for the record (trust experience).

4.: browsing experience presented to the user browsing experience, emphasizing the attraction of

user experience is not a clear expression of things with simple numbers, everyone on the website of the use of different habits, functional requirements are not the same, the number of Web ads, pop-up ads such as the time of tolerance is different. Ordinary users browse the site user experience, can be divided into the following five categories.

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