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Key words: quality analysis of

2. website guest is equal to the most successful of the keywords selected keywords, I generally choose competition is relatively small, because I was not a good seo. I find the keyword method is very primitive, I will go to a large flow of Taobao station, get love station to dig, mining this station has ranking content page, long tail keywords do my site’s main keywords. Find keywords, commonly used tools are sh419 index, love station ranking, Golden Flower keywords, tools, etc.. At present, Taobao customers although the competition is fierce, but as long as the heart can be able to find, as the flagship store of words and word brand products in this market is still very great can do, I have no maintenance to several flagship store website built, sh419 has been ranked top, a month can earn a station 100-200 yuan. Of course, if you are a SEO master, you can find a big competition word, but the heart to know not to consider the money within 3 months, at the same time can find a few little words that competition, last stage to make money, don’t let yourself lose confidence.

, shlf1314, Adsense, and Adwords are two powerful tools for making money on the web. When beginner started, Adsense is more important, site traffic is not large, the content may also be enriched, at this time there will be advertisers on your website interested, so webmaster can directly apply for Adsense account, Adsense advertising to make money. With the development of the website, and the increase of practical experience in itself, if in the league or Wangzhuan is in the traditional channel, contacts, to find more profitable goods or services available for sale on the Internet, then 5imm is strongly recommended to buy advertising, while Adwords is a very good choice.

3. make quality website: Taobao guest website, the best to let users stay in your website the shorter the better, so that conversion rate is relatively high. I practice the blog program with guest link call. Users open the site is Taobao link store. If new people are free to download online or spend little money to buy the program, the template is best to change their own, under the tag, and so on are changed, No.

shlf1314 Adsense to talk about money with shlf1314 in your Adsense account login, admin will see the official shlf1314 data provides a lot of learning, including the most basic advertising setting, the advertising code release, and what kind of shape, size, color ads may have users will have to discuss comparative love click. 5imm has spent a lot of time thinking about it in the past few months, but later found that it wasn’t really the point. We should take some time to think about the relationship between advertisers, shlf1314, Adsense, chief of the three, advertisers for advertising to promote his goods or services, shlf1314 Adsense help matchmaking advertising content and the content of the website, and the webmaster provide web content and bring traffic to advertising exposure.

cannot do without CPA, CPC, CPS models. Some people do CPA download today, see others do shlf1314, earn dozens of knives a day, and immediately to do CPC, see A5, someone through the station group do Taobao monthly earn 20 thousand, and immediately do standing group. If the new person does not pay attention, the result or oneself suffer losses. I used to be like that. I couldn’t make money any more, and then I made the main attack on CPS. Through the website SEO, I was a Taobao customer. Although I didn’t make much money, I was enough for my family. Share my experience with the station below:


now many people do Wangzhuan very confused, no plan, every day looking for projects, buy a tutorial, found to buy a tutorial or not to earn money. There are two aspects, the first part is the training of Wangzhuan flicker new facts, some lecturers in YY teaching is about success, learn what a flicker, 100 thousand hour course price 2980 yuan, imagine him one hour can earn 2980 yuan 100 thousand will sell these to you? The new curriculum is useless. Second is the new mentality of the problem itself, too impetuous, want to eat too much fat and not suitable for people who do wangzhuan.

1. domain name and space: domain name selection is more important. Suggest you choose the old domain name. Looking for a high weight old domain name will be twice the result with half the effort. Buy space, to determine the content of the website and your budget, if the guest 100 yuan to 300 yuan almost, can go to the A5 forum IDC information or buy Taobao.

Adsense income basically is effective advertising clicks * click price, we think, if there is a certain method, can improve the advertising "hits", the owners must be very love, but if you are the advertisers? Advertisers concern is spent on advertising can get recovery, or even say there should be several times more than the recovery. If the advertiser has long felt in shlf1314 Adsense ads just burn in, then? Or advertisers no longer burn as early as possible stop advertising, or burn burned to the advertiser’s business failures, in any case it is not long. Moreover, shlf1314 has repeatedly claimed that they are very clever, the system can determine a specific click on whether advertisers can bring benefits, there may even as it isn’t possible for advertisers to bring benefits, and to give a click low click price. So in conclusion, webmaster want shlf1314 Adsense ad click through rate and click on the price to be high, the best way is to fully and advertisers and shlf1314 Adsense cooperation, make the content of the website Web site visitors will determine what kind of person, what kind of "needs" and advertising content this part is advertising mainly do, advertisers must write appropriate advertisement title, advertising description >