A5 marketing 99% chain enterprise station construction are useless, only 1% is useful

, a chain which is of no use to the website


again said the chain under the how to build the 1% station. In fact, the chain 1% is not difficult, as long as the general is targeted and relevant.

two, how to build the 1% station

first for which the chain is of no use to the website. At present, the webmaster do all the chain to love what kind of website chain? I believe that the webmaster should is very clear, too many webmaster love to do the chain webmaster forum replies, signature, advertising irrigation, blog, classification and information network, B2B site in the chain for a corporate website although the classification of information network and the B2B classification for channel or relevance of supply chain, but many companies do love webmaster duplicate information inside, this is not the weight transfer. And the weight of the blog transfer is also very small, almost didn’t have much weight to their own website, not to mention the signature of the chain and replies and advertising irrigation chain, the chain do more will be the direct result of K station. Therefore, the author thinks that the chain is useless.

in recent years, there are too many enterprises in the construction site, and every day there will be a number of enterprise website, keywords enterprise construction site and find the optimization of professional staff to optimize the website ranking, let the target users to purchase products through the search engine to the site, can say is the enterprise construction and optimization the site is now to get on the Internet to sell products, in fact, this is a good thing for the enterprise is a bad thing, the good thing is that enterprises can not only online marketing, online marketing is also can do is bad, there are a variety of problems in the optimization of the site, such as enterprise website content, website products the construction of the chain, which if properly optimized will directly to the site to have a huge impact, especially the enterprise website construction of the chain, can not say which day your enterprise network The station will disappear in the search engine’s front page five, or even one hundred outside.

group of the theme of this article believe that readers have seen heading for the station construction outside the chain of 99% enterprises are of no use, only 1% are useful, this title webmasters may agree, webmasters may also not agree, of course, to see the webmaster to the enterprise website chain is the purpose of what can be said, reality, now the enterprise website as a part of the chain is website promotion and product, partly in rank and transfer the weight, the two gap is great, but for the chain rankings and the weights of the transfer station enterprises should pay attention to the length of the chain, now 99% it is of no use, only 1% are useful, so in the chain should pay attention to the chain do what is, whether targeted or not, whether there is a correlation, whether readability, whether the quality of the These are to pay attention to. So, what the chain is useless, what is useful, following the author and the webmaster exchange with you, this article only for business novice webmaster, if there is a resonance can communicate together.

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