A5 optimization team the proper use of the H tab page weight lifting


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two: how to use the H

H tag as the title tag, which itself is in accordance with the importance of each title of level transfer. Sina page for example:


in search engine optimization in an internal optimization for the "H" font tag, keyword weight reasonable use can improve the website, and even bring a lot of long tail word. However, in the actual optimization, A5 optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai,.Admin5贵族宝贝) found a large number of false website using the H tag, or no use of H tags. How to optimize your website using H tag? This paper gives the following suggestions:






home! In fact this is true, we always recommend that stationmaster defines a unique H1 tags on each page, so more in line with the search engine optimization specification! Here we look at the H2 label, sina is how to define the "/p>?

The use of a "H1" label only


was observed in all two levels of basic Sina navigation of H2 tag expression, while others such as H3 Tags:

W3C pointed out that the h1-h6 tags define the title. H1 defines the maximum title. H6 defines the smallest heading. The H tag pairs, to begin to end. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, as the title tag, and on the basis of diminishing importance. Follow this principle is very necessary, it can make the page hierarchy more clearly, let search engine to crawl and analyze the topic contents of the page and so on.


search is a key link in the station search, but also to tell the search engines of their importance, the expression of H2 label stack.

can be said to H3, the basic is not very important, but the H3 following the label is not to find a. Of course, we are only on the Sina home page for a brief analysis, but it is not difficult to explain, the main use of H tags in website: (the following two screenshots, the editor does not support

: what is H


, H6 basically is not how important, of course, we usually do optimization, for some not important title or try to take the perfect attitude to do optimization, into >