Landing page design techniques in-depth analysis

analysis in front of the case: landing web design skills "high conversion rate of the content, I have to share the high conversion rate of landing web design skills, in this article, and we continue to share with the landing page design practice.

1, the landing page of your brand and website

set up a scale very detailed page, not only increases the page targeted, but also enhance the conversion rate. How should I say, in my own case, when purchasing the product, I will set up in accordance with certain procedures, then decide, first is "I want to buy what I want in the price, and then decide what to buy" so in the page according to the user’s psychological set scale, let users more targeted search the products they want, so the user to search for is very high, can effectively improve the conversion rate.

has always been testing

grading scale


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commercial main landing page strong, simple set of highly temptation, to the page of creativity, passion, multi steps, sub site audience on the spot by docking six design techniques and tourists video is a high conversion rate must reach the landing page design, which added four points.

4, The above is the author of the original

in the optimization of one of the most common problems in the design of landing page is the brand website, advertising your users click on why? They look for landing page is in order to find their targets in the landing page under the leadership, to help them achieve this goal. Web site login page is not directly to your brand extension, and should take care of your products.

2, the landing page must be specific advertising series

is not the most users dislike advertising? How landing page is a very obvious advertising, users will click on? If you have this consideration, then at least you believe on consumer psychology or have a certain understanding, yes, the user is very tired of advertising, but is in order if your advertising is just what they need, do you think they will hate? Targeted landing pages can enhance your focus. Targeted landing page out rate will be reduced, the conversion will increase, because your target page will bring more surprises to users.

era has characteristics of an era, the user’s attention is often changeable, so the need to design the landing page testing, according to the user’s psychological testing new content, in order to maximize the efficiency of optimization, switching between innovation and iteration. The landing page testing is "golden laws and precious rules: using A / B" test, find the winner, multivariate testing (MVT), the test page elements, specific components, such as image, copy.

3, the implementation of