Shanghai Longfeng Optimization Website started new Adsense how to obtain the high quality of the cha


2, a variety of inquiry platform

"content is king, the chain is king" this is Shanghai dragon bosses often mention a word, literally we can see that the chain for the importance of Shanghai dragon. The chain, as the name implies, refers to the addition of the website itself outside the existing chain link to the station. Google should adjust the algorithm in time, the chain as "votes", "votes" more website users love website, ranking will give priority to "vote" website. See here, readers should also understand the importance of the chain.

)3, the content of


release of the chain, it seems very easy. Just find a forum, blog, a bunch of things and then add a link to it. However, a high quality the chain is worth ten, hundreds of poor quality chain.



1, stable server,

The ?

directory will be a lot of station with its Links after application, the author found that the application can generally be through.

to their point of view to tell about some new Adsense experience, how to obtain the high quality of the chain skills.


what is the quality of the chain, as the high quality of the chain is the chain of high quality rather than quantity. The quality of the chain how to get

3, a variety of classified information website

like Shanghai, Tianya, Tencent and so on all kinds of question answering platform if the answer is clever, plus some of your skills can successfully bring the link. Here specifically love Shanghai know, not because of their high grade the unbridled, a level 5 account is now released, the normal answer content will be recovered. Not to mention adding links.

as a list, Yi Deng, 58, go to the market as long as the release of normal basic content will pass, but it can take on the link, very easy to operate. It should be noted here, the classified information stations generally have a timeliness of information. If we send the chain or Select >

2, title, keywords, description (the industry known as TDK

if you still stay below the third step and before the content need not read.

4, the construction of the chain

1, the website directory

I put my own experience to share with everyone:

I just started to contact the Shanghai Phoenix, a bumpy road, sad in the course of fast table. Last summer to start a business, mainly to do e-commerce places. From the construction site to PR3 now profitable is a bumpy road. On site optimization, I also count half a bucket of water, but I this half a bucket of water but also played a role. The author thinks that the website of Shanghai Longfeng work is divided into the following steps: