The construction site should increase the basis of optimizing the application technology

is a newly built website how it should be optimized? A new station needs to start internal optimization? We should start from where? Site optimization personnel before starting optimization and promotion when taking over a new station, will put forward many related problems, and then one by one to solve, and now with the network the development of modern network technology environment put forward higher request to the website construction technology, now pay attention to web based optimization applied to the construction site to construction site, so good after eliminating the return to the basis of the optimization of troublesome and tedious alone. For web based optimization of the construction technology, is the information content in each site construction personnel should understand and master.

1. website domain name and the choice of space is very far-reaching impact

a website layout and layout, can be said to be the site looks all because visitors to your website, the show in front of us is that these things and style. Choose a good web site without target keywords and related keywords without blind on-line is a mistake. Keywords layout is a very important point of internal optimization, there are many methods to choose keywords, the industry’s love Shanghai drop-down word or relevant search words as target words. Choose a can bring traffic, but also a very good optimization word is Shanghai dragon Er essential skills. How to make a reasonable layout is the priority among priorities. For a station, page three words is enough, too many words will only make the web become top-heavy, while the column page and the content page can be some of the long tail word optimization and the words related, so that the site form an inverted triangle, more conducive to weight lifting station. Key words in the layout of the internal rational article is also a very important factor, the article page includes the title, the first paragraph, the middle part of the tail section must let the keywords included just perfect.

and experience of the website weight

3. line on the page to do static processing of

2. the layout of the site is the key of

search engine when giving website weight and friendliness, this is generally issued feelings, search engines love dynamic website, love static pages.

on site URLThe

the domain name of the website, is equivalent to the number of sites and network access entrance, excellent website domain name, not only easy to remember, easy to understand, will be search engine love and recognition. The site space is equally important, because the space is only decided to site operation and the normal operation of the factors, including space security, stability, speed, size and so on, are the impact of site factors, so the choice should be carefully chosen. In the website optimization operation, a good domain name and stable space certainly will give website weight a lot of extra points. In addition to the above information, it is necessary to provide a stable all-weather online service space, good domain, stable space, these choices are on your site after a stable ranking and high flow foundation.