Most people do not succeed in Shanghai Dragon

. Shanghai dragon cognitive too superficial

two. To Shanghai dragon values

the interview down feeling, is the lack of awareness of Shanghai dragon, in their specialty, I always say: I can use technology to bring the keyword ranking ranked at home; but for an enterprise, the value of the home where? The boss is not recognized at the home the advantage of profit?? Shanghai Dragon just for ranking? Of course not, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is the marketing, conversion, do a lot of Shanghai dragon ranking friends, why not successful, because they just want to enter the home page keywords, and ignore whether to enter the home page with a true sense of the value of

.)Shanghai Longfeng !

. Three factors hindering Shanghai Longfeng success: I don’t know (

Shanghai dragon do not have their own value, is the user needs to promote the Shanghai dragon’s value throughout the industry, most of them are to sell their own products, it is very terrible to ignore the needs of users, ignoring the needs of users, is undoubtedly ignored the value of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, it is also for these reasons, led to the site Shanghai does not have the dragon’s value, how, what a business can say: our first task is to solve the problem of the user, the profit is aided; I don’t think anyone, because these enterprises in Shanghai dragon values is to sell products, increase the exposure rate, tried everything to make their products appear in the public eye in the picture, even lined with advertising, this is the value of Shanghai dragon? Not

day, holding the new printed resume, in the bustling streets, a way of employment, but was once again rejected, Shanghai dragon what is success? A successful Shanghai dragon can be businesses? Why do Shanghai dragon I every day in this? Ask yourself the question, therefore, is summarized in the next, why do Shanghai dragon has not successful, do not like do not spray;

in this way, people who run, also give people who do not know the technical aspects of the Shanghai dragon people accounted for more, a lot of online tutorials, but are on the technical level, also led to the study of Shanghai Longfeng is difficult to jump out of the shackles of thinking in teaching process, said don’t do too much back to the chain, OK! I would not do that! Tutorial updated every day a soft, helps to attract spider;! I update! They only know the technical level, there are few people to think, why should I update the article? Just to included rankings? They only know the update can improve the weight, but they do not know they update the user even click are not willing; they know how to do all kinds of users online consultation box on the page, but they do not know the bomb box to allow the user to directly close the site; but on this point Still can make up, do not know Never mind, as long as you are willing, you can learn the data analysis, you can learn to network marketing, you can learn to build websites, you can even write to thousands of reprint articles, as long as you want.