Baby to repeat the contents of the proposed aristocracy

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for Shanghai dragon, if your content is not unique or valuable, lots of articles and not to your ranking help.

duplicate content

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from the Q & a movie can see the noble baby Andrey Lipattsev very sure that noble baby for repeat content will not be punished.

we think he should want to express is to let everyone know that if a noble baby think your web content is not the one and only, at the same time, you also ranked not on your competitors, this does not mean that the noble baby is according to the repeatability of your page and punish you, thus reducing your ranking.

noble baby will automatically filter out duplicate content, try to provide a single content to the user

noble baby also mentioned in this part of the guide from:

if your website content is repeated, is likely to slow down the noble baby included content on your site speed

The baby does not punish the noble

noble baby hope you can through their published content of these specifications, quality of content

the best strategy for Search Engine Optimization, is not to repeat the content in the blind make a lot, don’t let the noble BOT baby crawl your site at the same time, continue to reduce your page scores, resulting in the overall quality of your site will be down.

special and has the additional value of the content of noble baby will reward

The contents of the

for repeat content, the nobility baby released the contents of quality criteria for some questions for this myth of our previous "duplicate content":

Baby online quiz – duplicate content noble (June 16, 2016)

allows you to focus on providing users better

sure you brought to repeat the contents of the "punishment" feel very confused, because the nobility baby duplicate content will not be punished, but the ranking might be affected thereby.

new website

duplicate content

also, in the film John Meuller also mentioned that the nobility who according to the baby will search for those keywords in those places and give them the most close to their needs and displays the contents of the results, so even duplicate content will also be searched.

although the content is copied, but some of them have been replaced by words or sentences to modify. This modification leads to the copy of the very difficult to find exactly the same content, noble baby will like this approach known as "the most.