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when we submit keywords, often have such tips: there are friends to upload, so we were at a loss what to do? It can still be solved, because the readability of the love of Shanghai library is relatively high, we can do in this key before and after add modifiers, such as: Xuzhou December 3rd Recruitment – the good network to change the title of Xuzhou – Xuzhou December 3rd large-scale recruitment will be good. This can.


introduced here is our optimization that description, so the most important, the core of the place, the text must write vivid, and keyword density and a good grasp of the main keyword appears position, highlighting the main keywords, such as: Xuzhou recruitment, here we can write this: job recruitment peak, Xuzhou recruitment Xuzhou, to a large network of talent recruitment, you can not miss! Location and keyword occurrences are suitable.

Step two, choose

The introduction of

We want to optimize


selection or ranking keyword is very important, can love Shanghai index to select some degree of competition is not too large long tail keywords, this can more easily obtain search engine rankings, to increase website traffic.

We all know that

as China search engine, provides a lot of extension services, including space Post Bar, love Shanghai, know, library, encyclopedia, experience, map, weights are relatively high. Clever use of the promotion platform, not only to our website brought considerable traffic, but also help to improve website weight. Let’s talk about how to use the love of Shanghai library promotion skills, to quickly upgrade the keyword ranking.

to complete the above steps, click Submit, the following is to wait for approval, of course, this process may be a bit longer, but if the long-term audit case, the essay is not the original, too high repetition rate, can be modified after another, and then submit a. It should be.

document informationThe title of


Step one, select the format

title is very important, the default is your WORD title, here you can modify, remember the title which must include you to optimize the key word, but the title should not be too long, to keep the 15 character is best.

The primary key

keyword writing you do, long tail keywords can also be a little. The general situation about 3 can be.

love Shanghai library support text, WORD, PPT, TXT, PDF and so on. Of course, here we can according to their own needs to choose different. Usually I use the WORD format, simple and clear, easy to modify.

step three, fill in the