Seven lies love Shanghai rapid ranking


, the web server length > 2

is also a lot of speculation about the results. Of course, also encountered some of the site right down for two reasons:


currently on the market all the rapid ranking technology is on principle, is love Shanghai’s internal resources just want to reassure you. Imagine a few hundred dollars word love Shanghai employees will risk to give you

settings are the same!

two, according to the ranking index set and hits


fast ranking is not stable

on the fast ranking online there are a lot of relevant information, but if you follow those claims online to operate then you will find that seems to have no effect! Yes, to accept that can develop fast ranking people not the core technology released. Those on the fast ranking information online is only those people who have no real speculation, the real ranking technology is fast on the Internet said, today is to expose the lies of love Shanghai seven fast ranking


it looks right after the actual operation is not without reason. But after all, the reason is not the rankings click rate is high, but hits high. In March and April this year when the mobile terminal number across the sky, now about seven days, there is one factor which: update time. We tried a keyword only click click 500 times a day and seven days every day click click 70 times, the effect is the same day at the same time on the


summary: click on the cause of influence ranking is a keyword search engine statistics results in the first few pages results in a certain period of time in the history of hits, instead of clicking rate.

, our love is not Shanghai internal resources click

three, increasing CTR can improve the keywords ranking

Click on the back door? recognition

had this idea are likely to find a service provider before done fast scheduling, ranking a few days off. Including many friends also said so. In fact, click the program to do good, all kinds of parameter processing good words ranking will be very stable. Many customers last year to do the word now has been ranked first in the

five, will lead to drop right

did not experience the majority of people would agree, but the fact is not like this. Many people say online first page hits in the 20%, second page hits 5%, and gradually increase the click rate. In fact we are now less than one thousand of the keyword index regardless of the first few pages a few clicks

1, the website alleged fraud was love Shanghai (non conventional industries)