The example analysis how to do home page keyword ranking

from the above picture can be seen, the station included rarely, only one page, the snapshot for a long time, that was not updated for a long time; the chain is also very little, Links is abnormal, only one station in a link. But look at the ranking is surprisingly good, first love Shanghai keywords search volume is 917, ranking fifth, second word search volume is 161 love Shanghai, love Shanghai ranked second. Included less, snapshot is not normal, the chain, the chain is not normal, why ranking will be so good? I believe that not only have such doubt, everyone is so. Through careful study I found out why good ranking:

domain name is a bit old, this slight advantage than the new.

chain is stable, high correlation;



(Figure two: keyword ranking)

her hair around the chain, the chain of many thousands, or even tens of thousands, but arrived in more than 100 ranks of the chain website, this is why? Because the chain is stable, others high correlation, the chain of the basic content and the theme of the website, and we pursue is, everywhere the major forum for irrigation, this is actually on the website ranking of no use, because irrigation post meaningless love Shanghai even included will not give much weight, another point is that the chain is easy to K; some almost meaningless articles, copying others article and then take this. No rankings are of great help. The above two points as meaningless and non original will lead to the chain of large fluctuations, the ranking is not stable. So we do when the chain also want to spend some time doing the high correlation, although time-consuming but the ranking will be of great help.

we often tangled, in Links today see, tomorrow see, some friends of the chain home temporarily not open to others, some friends of the chain snapshot is not normal to give other people down, but the station is the four chain, three stations did not import links. By this we can see that the love of Shanghai on the stability of the chain of friends is very important, as long as you stable link for a period of time, even if others give you get rid of or friends of the chain site is our K station >

(Figure 1: a collection of anti chain)


analysis of sentiment:

(Figure three: Links case)

small, targeted and reasonable distribution;

believe that many webmaster friends are very concerned about your weight, then the impact of the weight of a web site what factors? Many people will say that the website weight is not the chain and content of it, yes, but this is so simple "chain" four words inside but there is a lot of knowledge. First we need to make sure that the direction of optimization, is to optimize the home page or page optimization or home page in the optimization, I through two examples to analyze, to also hope a lot of understanding. In order to explain the problem, the first.