Parrot is very dangerous! The station optimization methods are not necessarily science major



: the Spring Festival is coming, see the calendar found in less than 10 days around the time of the Spring Festival, we have to say in Shanghai Longfeng people who work much, even to such an important day to ignore, life is really bad! So, back in 2015 at work the little drops, found a lot of things are worth writing out for everyone to share, for example this article today is 15 years to meet the most, so I took time to write about today.

(Network: This study poses you learn not to

actually encounter such problems, I do not know how to answer would be better, not only is the proposal stationmaster "parrot". At the same time, a point in time to the website of Shanghai dragon must understand is the ranking weight high, a good site and has long been famous website, they can do things, we may not be able to do, if you do not mistake to copy, so for your site will be very dangerous. Why? The reason is very simple, because some search engines do not see the way garbage station, but the station of tolerance in large sites or better, age has been overshadowed by the garbage technique. So, you don’t try what they do. I met a very classic "parrot" cheating case, we see below:

diagram, you can clearly see the keywords "bird’s nest built in the price" in the title of the content, and all the articles are included. At the same time, the navigation is piled up with keywords. After understanding after know: the webmaster is learning the competitor’s website, he said the website of the other side is done by this method’s effect is very good, and has been ranked the top three in Shanghai to keep love or home, and the long-term occupation of the first word. So the webmaster imitate, he said ranking is good, then. On the other hand, the owners of Shanghai dragon is not very good at, see what others are doing very good to learn. In real life, many webmaster is the psychological, but more to do.

core of this article is: all the webmaster do in Shanghai dragon to the site, not all things to learn large websites or well-known websites, especially its competitors or the weight rises fast keyword ranking sites, such as the new station in less than five months ranking and weight optimization method is very impressive, but you always to study the competitors, or directly copy the correct etc.. So, why am I in the core theme of writing? The reason is often the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er asked me: "I want to do keywords ranking and weight lifting fast, but to see some competitors website keyword stuffing or other means of cheating but not to be search engine punishment, and the ranking is the day a good day. So, I also want to try, say my ranking and weight will also come up, don’t know Huang what good suggestions? "