1 months to optimize the content page website ranked first

was the first to focus on a few key words to optimize the page, this means that our title needs to include these keywords, so the title is very long, such as, the user experience is not good, looks very complicated, for example you operate what types of brilliance, brilliance melon seeds, delicious brilliance the seeds which have sold as long tail keywords, if you put the three words put in the title, some users want to search one of them, but you have so many things including the content, it is difficult to find the most direct answer, may jump directly; there is such a keyword weight may lead to dispersion, not to say this the possibility of relatively low.

Optimization of Of course,

is also good so, since our words are concentrated in one page, the article is rich in content, there are also many customers to understand aspects of things, not just a single problem, can let the user know more things. And unified on a page than they were made into a single page optimization to save a lot of time and energy to manipulate this page, can quickly promote the keywords ranking, but the rankings are generally several keywords to ascend.

a website, usually need to operate several keywords and target keywords and long tail keywords are essential, there are many methods and operation keywords, target key words, not what difference, are on the home page optimization, long tail keywords is not the same, it is generally not the long tail keywords to operate on the home page, to have a strategy to do. For example, its weight high site, high difficulty keywords words, does not require complicated operations in general, as long as the update with the link, and then do some high quality of the chain, the ranking will slowly go up, but for some of the new station, not what their weight, will have the strategy to operate these words for example, the words in column page or home page to do, the weight of column page and the home page is relatively high, put keywords in the above operation, the search engine will know your attention to the key words, so as to give keywords more weight, helps to optimize the keywords; or to write a high quality article, reasonable the distribution of the anchor text, tags, keyword density, well around a word of the article, and then a part of the chain or chain to this article, to optimize this article Thus, promote the keywords ranking and column weight; there is a better several keywords is focused on a page to optimize, below I talk about the feasibility of the optimization method.

a year ago I had a similar situation, then a page did not dare to serve too many words, put 2 long tail keywords in the above, but the two long tail is very long, so the title seems long to tell you the truth, then a little worried, the first such operation, but then the Lord the tube showed me some cases, 30 words of the title, I was shocked and calm. The contents of the original page, put a lot of optimization, the word around, labels are ready, and then on the site, when Shanghai received love >