The clever use of the traditional industry development of Shanghai dragon new way of vulnerability

, a traditional way to 1: Shanghai dragon enterprise site optimization;

two, 2 way: create a personal site to coax cattle;



Objective: in life there is always some small, may find that these phenomena are purely accidental, but often this chance to give people a new way of thinking.

recently the business rush, on the surface can be said to benefit consumers, but the actual price Maoni unknown. Now live, the major electricity supplier giants at this stage is not to make money, with all kinds of discounts to attract consumers, who offers, users will choose who. But despite the current electricity supplier profit is not ideal, but the future of online shopping population will continue to grow exponentially, who can cry to the last laugh, wait and see.

from the site of a few website title and description can be found, ranking the first user experience was much louder than the official station. But from the snapshot date can be seen on the official website, stay in the 11.15 snapshot. The search results to explain the enterprise site do not Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The development of the Internet makes traditional enterprises will attach importance to Internet users, although the line is still the main sales share, if the site is optimized, the user experience is also a kind of improved. The author in view of several brands currently more red (such as Ayilian, Semir, Smith Barney, peacebird), the official station most of the sites are ranked in the forefront, but there are also other sites was the first personal site occupied. At present the enterprise does not necessarily pay attention to Shanghai dragon optimization, but said after the closed. There are still a lot of people through the search engine to find the brand.

many traditional industries have begun to get involved in the electricity business, they set up their own online store or directly to the taobao贵族宝贝 flagship store. Especially in the clothing industry, according to the online shopping navigation station love to buy network data show that consumers in online shopping is mainly to purchase clothing. The most well-known clothing brands have opened Taobao flagship store or self mall, and with micro-blog, community and other forms of promotion. For the taobao贵族宝贝, many Shanghai dragon Er is Taobao, Taobao on some products to do the promotion, get a commission. Now this season, many stations are doing keyword optimization taobao贵族宝贝 autumn and winter, is also a fierce competition. In fact, the traditional business is not good at doing business, maybe they just opened a Taobao official flagship store, but want to find the brand through the search engine users, Taobao flagship store has no effect. Some brand to the official website of the optimization search results page is its own brand of official information. But the traditional enterprises have vulnerabilities, there are pictures and the truth. In the first row is the personal site, while the official station is in the fourth position. The first flow as can be imagined.

many owners have their own personal site, but the traditional industry and the number of. Many similar brands.