Rain Shanghai dragon optimization error sharing


1, keyword density errors

has a lot of friends will think that you have already learned about the Dragon School in Shanghai, and even have a friend in the process of learning the Shanghai dragon, he had a great misunderstanding of such operations, even he does not understand. First of all, we must develop a good habit. Is every morning to observe the website with the webmaster tools to check its snapshots, and related domain, YAHOO link and check Links. In fact, Shanghai dragon if and when you love it when every day you are constantly thinking constantly to produce every kind of thinking. So the rain we advocate must love Shanghai Longfeng, otherwise you are learning or doing poorly in how hard. Because once you hate it, you won’t have to think not to pay attention to its ranking. Top down you don’t know why drops is to drop.

Shanghai dragon many friends love to see the Shanghai dragon article. You will often see such articles, for example the article tells you how to modify the title, title and keywords containing all keywords which contain you do. Your words make up, a article is written how to adjust the density of keywords, the results of many of my friends will go back to check your keyword density, a view on the excitement, others density is 8% or 5% is the best. See the density not own immediately change their density, sometimes a change you good luck, your ranking will go up soon, then a few days later your ranking disappears. What is the reason? The reason is very simple, because each industry is not the same as the keyword density.

Hello! I am rain, is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization since it is a rookie, rookie can not avoid misunderstanding into optimization. Here is to share some experience of rain optimization misunderstandings, hope for is also in Shanghai Longfeng this industry to help a friend. Nonsense not say, the rain would like to share a few errors in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

no industry keyword density values are unified. The shorter words its keyword density is higher, for example the QQ keyword, it is a high density. Keywords the Shanghai dragon density is very high, because it is a single word. For example, the clothing industry, the clothing wholesale keywords in your page, generally does not appear many times, because the wholesale is a concept of user search, there will not be a word in your home page, usually name their own prices, products, the latest price of products so, different sectors of the keyword density is not the same. The film is the principle of search engine can distinguish our website word frequency, that is to say you only ascend a keyword density is useless because the search engine is easy to identify, then you have to upgrade its related words. Increase keyword density is not artificially added keywords, but to enhance the rich content of keywords, because the search volume keywords is divided into time periods.