Shanghai dragon how to do the relevance of the website optimization

website optimization keywords correlation.Optimization and Analysis on the I think the website The correlation between

content is of great importance to the Shanghai dragon, for this I have written before the relevance of the article, today I once again simple to talking with you about how the relationship between station construction. Under the pen.


related website content constructionThe construction site of

shown are the key words about "coffee machine", a large number of relevant keywords can be performed after the layout of the site and keyword optimization in collected.

website first do a keyword, when doing a website keyword analysis before we must first understand the optimization of the theme of the site, in that theme can according to the theme of the site keywords to optimize the expansion. Such as: the optimization on the sale of "coffee machine" in the current site, clear the site is mainly in the sale of coffee machines, we will optimize the expansion through the "coffee machine" of the main keywords, this time I will stand by keyword mining tools, tools, index, long love Shanghai love Shanghai drop the box and relevant search for love in Shanghai. Related keywords as shown below:

sites is a topic for Shanghai dragon a commonplace talk of an old scholar Er webmaster, with the escalation of love Shanghai search engine algorithm, for a website to get more traffic and the correlation occupies a pivotal position. For the problem of correlation love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee in September 6th this year issued a "static search results page will be dealt with harshly" announcement. "For the specific content of this announcement is not the details, such as the interest can be a friend to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform understand" from this announcement believe that the webmaster friends have understood the importance of the relationship between. Although we all know the website optimization correlation, but in real combat but many owners do not do in my opinion for some webmaster who may have two reasons: 1. just know the words "relevance", simply do not understand the essence of the meaning of. 2. inert, everyone knows that if you really want to do a station is not so easy, if you really want to do a relationship I think more is not easy, because it takes a lot of time and effort. And some AdSense and want to quickly see Shanghai Longfeng effect, and do not want to spend too much time and energy, so do a good website correlation. Here may be asked the novice webmaster, the relevance of the website how to do this? Which aspects? The author is engaged in many years with Shanghai Longfeng experience to share with you to share.

for correlation of website content relevance, should be optimized from the site keywords and the correlation between the construction of the external links between. The specific how to operate the author to share with you, hoping to help some novice webmaster.

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